Commercial Warehouse Rental Property - How Do I Find if My Agent Is Not Cheating

I'm in the market looking to lease a commercial warehouse. I saw one warehouse that was listed by two agencies in
I approached one agency (agency 1) and they said the property is under offer by a prospective tenant. The other agency (agency 2) - I tried calling them first but they didn't pick my call but returned my call a day later and when I told them I was after that specific warehouse - the guy on the phone told it is available and he even arranged a viewing.

however due to various economic factors based on the t&c of the contract - I withdrew the application. What was projected by the agent as a hot demand warehouse and rushed to get me to accept strict t&cs and non negotiable rent and bond conditions - he is still following up on the phone and email about this property being vacant.

To cross check I called the agency 1 and they said the lease agreement has been signed already and tenants are moving in sooner and the property is no longer available.

Whom should I believe and how do I verify the truth? If the warehouse is still available as agency 2 says, I'm in a better position to negotiate the t&c and lease it from them but I don't want to risk and lose any money due to my ignorance if the agency 2 is playing up with me.


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    3 guarantees in life
    Property agents with ego complexes thinking that they're better than everyone.

    If you got rid of them tomorrow the world wouldn't stop
    In fact it'd probably run more efficiently without the leeches taking their 2% off the top.

  • Agency 2 sounds desperate to get their slice of the pie, some of that sweet, sweet commish/letting fee….
    Agency 1 sounds like they're trying to keep the ball in their court and may actually have a prospective lessee but not across the line yet..

    I'd be going to Agency 1 trying to find out what it ended up supposedly leasing for.. then going to Agency 2 with a better offer..

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    Real Estate Agents

  • I used to think car salesmen were the worst to deal with (unless you knew them personally) - but actually these days i would rather deal with used car salesmen than REA's with their leased AMG's, RM boots and Monday morning Mimosas by the poolside.

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    two different agents working with the same property, they likely don't know what the other is doing and even if agency 1 leased the property, it'd be up to the owner of the property to notify agency 2 …

    agency 2 is being pushy, great, provide your terms and rates and conditions and tell him that you'll sign it straight away if he can get the contract the way you want it (get him working for you, to approach the landlord and negotiate) …

    agency 1 has someone else interested, but maybe not fully committed (negotiating terms) so you can swoop in before they sign on the dotted line by using agency 2

    as for how hard to push agency 2, that really depends on how willing you are to walk away from the whole thing

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    considered buying a small block of land and throwing sheds on it? or even back yard one?

  • If you want the warehouse, chase it. If it’s avaible, you’ll get it. No point trying to get ‘the truth’ from agents.

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