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Sinocare Bluetooth Digital Bathroom Scale $9.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Sinocare Official Store via Amazon AU


$12 off with promo code OFC3F42Z - Enter code OFC3F42Z at checkout.

Sinocare Digital Bluetooth Scale Features:

Syncable data: Sinocare bathroom Weight ScaleEasy set up app syncs with, Fitbit, Apple Health, and offers app for Apple Watch. 12 health indicators provide accurate data on weight, fat, BMI, metabolism, muscle, water, bone mass, visceral fat, degree of obesity, protein, body age, weight without fat.
Accurate measurement: Our digital scale provides intelligent detection of extracellular fluid through the use of dual frequency bioelectrical impedance. The weighing range is 180KG. You can even detect a cup of water. Come change your body from a cup of water.
Monitor your and your family member's progress: Body Fat Scale connects with apps to help you set goals, save historical data, and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. You can add other family members to measure health. Only the international weight unit "kg" is displayed on the scale. If you need to check the "lb" drive, you can view it directly through the APP.
Easy to use: Just step on the smart scale and you can measure immediately. It supports 8 people to use the application. Everyone can download the application separately and set up their own private account, or simply add the family number to an account.

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  • +1

    These just as good as the Renpho?

    • Was also wondering the same. Few comments on old posts flagging accuracy issues and saying its not that good. Would be great to here from anyone whos got one

      • The Xiaomi one better or not really?

    • All of them suck equally

      • What do you think is good

        • +1

          No body impedance scales are good. Even 'professional' ones are notoriously unreliable.

          Depends what you want a scale for.

          For weight loss get a food scale

          For fluid balance eg in heart failure then any scale will do.

          • @docmartin: Thanks.
            That was my impression of body impedence too.

            Haha good point re food scale. Dont think I've heard that before. Im just interested in tracking weight so i guess as long as the scale gives same result on repeat measures should be fine.

  • Thanks OP.

  • How to get free shipping?

    • +5

      Be a prime member

      1. Create a new email address
      2. Sign up 30 day trial on Prime
      3. $$$$
      • Don't we need to do the phone verification part?

        • Then just a $5 Aldi sim pack

  • Thanks OP bought a set. for $10 worth a shot

  • +1

    Please read reviews

  • +3

    Can't go wrong for $10

    • +15

      If it has accuracy issues and doesn’t fit the purpose, you can go wrong even for a cent.

  • +2

    does it work with google fit?

  • Thanks OP 😊

  • Ordered. Hopefully it is accurate.

  • +3

    $21.99 now. Can’t weight my fat ass anymore.

    • +2

      Use the promo code.

      • +2

        Doh! Thanks.

    • +1

      max weight is 180kg. so wouldn't be able to either way

      • The weighing range is 180KG. You can even detect a cup of water. Come change your body from a cup of water.

        So is this 250mL cup of water 0.25kg, 0.49kg or 1.08kg

  • +1

    I'd spend an extra $10 or so and get a Renpho when available.

    • why?

      • More a known quantity/product.

        My entire friend and family circle use Renpho and everybody loves it.

        • What app does renpho use?

          • +1

            @fufufu: It's own app but also speaks with the Apple health app

        • +1

          Yep Renpho had very similar data to a paid fitness test I had. This looks similar, hopefully similar data :)

          great as a present ;)

  • Entire? Wow

  • -1

    I’ve got one at home it’s bs woudent but it

    • +9

      You've really convinced everyone with that comment.

      • +2

        Is the Withings smart scale worth more than twenty of these 🤔

        Seems like a good deal, considering a less-intelligent bathroom-body-weighing scale is around the same price

        Wonder if it works on Wi-Fi/Bluetooth without internet

  • No more stock

  • +1


  • Ozbargained

  • all gone at check out.. damn

  • +1

    My entire family including extended family use Renpho

  • Sold out.. I was in check out and had error.. far out

  • Bought this one off eBay a while back, and yeaaaah wish I came across some more reviews of it back then.

    The weight seems to vary a bit, even on quick repeated measures. Then it seems to measure in fairly large increments. By that I mean, for example, it can jump from X.45 kg up to X.90 kg, but won't give out anything in between.

    Oh well, get what I paid for I guess.

    • +2

      scales that provide an estimate!

    • Thanks for sharing.
      Not great. Any other issues

  • soldout

  • +5

    These are crap. All it does is tell me I’m fat.

  • Come change your body from a cup of water.

  • To all those thinking of giving this as a gift. Think twice as people may take offence receiving scales

  • Got mine. It is defective, it's showing that I weigh 1.4kg.

    Got onto Amazon and they wanted me to return it for a refund, created a bit of a stink and they claimed as a 1 time exception they will give me a refund without me having to return it.

  • +1

    Recieved mine today, shows my actual weight. Pretty good for $10. Also tried the renpho scale a few weeks ago, kept the measurements and compared it, its actually suprisingly close.

    • +1

      Same here. I have added my whole family in. I just hope it remains accurate over period of time. Otherwise App looks cool

      • The app is all in Chinese??

        • You can choose Lang. In the beginning.

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