Advice on Telstra Account - Porting and Points


  • Current contract (Number T) on Telstra ending on 22/11. It's currently on a $69 plan. No longer want to keep this number.
  • Planning on moving Belong number (Number B) onto a Telstra plan. Understand I need to port out first.
  • Planning on getting a new iPhone 13 utilizing Telstra plus points to off-set cost.

Current scenario:

  • Telstra points requires the last payment to achieve the next offset target.
  • Currently on $69/month plan, but low data usage.
  • Understand some customers were offered $40/mth from the $55/mth plan.

The plan:
A) Close to 22/11, keep calling Telstra customer service till I find one which offers $40/mth? Or will they price match a Vodafone + $40 mobile plan?
B) Port number B into some other provider, and once plan (A) is completed, move number B into Telstra.


  • Once 22/11 has lapsed and final payment made, how do I link the new iPhone 12 to number B?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Why???
    Just wait for a jb offer either the $500 Giftcard one or higher plan with newest phone. Once you sell the phone your plan should work out to $30/month max. Most of the time even better depending which mobile and how much you sell for. Check out I've of the deal page comments to get the maths.

  • Thanks for sharing. My company allows me to claim up to $140 per month. Also, no intention of selling old phone. It will be hand me downs to kids.

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