pCloud Lifetime Storage Very Poor Speed and Does Not Reply for Refund Request

Not sure if anyone else is facing the same issue.
I just bought the 2T lifetime pcloud storage by paying us$245, and i found that the speed to their server is very slow, especially the uploading speed.
Sent refund request to them but not got replied (within the 10 day money back guarantee).
I paid via paypal, not sure if I can turn to paypal for support to get the money back as the product is not working properly for me?

Any advice?


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  • Well that's interesting, reviews say it's pretty OKAY especially for the money.

    Just out of interest, what speeds were you getting with pcloud, and what are your normal upload speeds when you do a speedtest?

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      More than 270Mbps download and more than 45Mbps upload, with the fastest NBN plan with optus.
      The speed to their server is about 4-5Mbps download and 1-2Mbps upload or even worse.
      Please note that the b is bit but not byte, so it is a rediculous low speed.
      I chose their EU server, but the US one is the same after I tested using another account.
      Using some VPN service to change a network environment, it can be a bit better but still pretty slow and not that stable.

      • Wow ok that is pretty damn slow.

        • I think that I have to turn to paypal tomorrow if they still not giving me a reply.

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    Do you have the desktop application PCloud Drive? I have been using Pcloud for a few years & love it. I use the web site as well as PCloud Drive, I have a backup program that backs up my data to Pcloud every night. I haven't tried measuring speed because it's never been an issue it just works fast.

    • it can be an ISP issue, the network route is not optimised. But i like my current ISP and don't want to change it…

  • My experience with them has been fantastic, ditched paid Dropbox after 8 years and it's almost paid for itself.
    Will even synch your files direct from Dropbox - I like it.
    Was a bit sceptical when I first signed up but speed has been about 80% of Dropbox, updates nicely and works for all intents and purposes as claimed on the website.
    Never used their support so your ymmv however if your can sort out the issue my experience has been fine.

  • Yep, Pcloud is pretty slow in Australia unfortunately. I guess it's OK, if you use their desktop app to sync, but anything needed in real time is painfully slow, it's pretty sad. I've raised this with support, and they just blame it on my ISP, although I've tested it with several.

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