Looking for a 12RU to 16RU 19" Wall Mount Rack Cabinet

Moved into a new house and would like to install a wall mount cabinet into the garage to store all my UDM Pro's and eneloops.

I've previously purchased from Ugly Cable before and been relatively happy with their products and prices, however I do feel they're a tad overpriced at the moment. About 2 years ago I paid ~$165 for an 11RU cabinet, delivered. Same cabinet now is over $300, delivered.

I'd also prefer to get a cabinet with ventilated front door and not an acrylic door, similar to a APC NetShelter. Or one with ventilated sides too, like the Tripp Lite.

I have been keeping an eye on the second hand market for a while, but not much is coming up for sale within a reasonable distance to the Gold Coast.

Any ideas? Thanks!


  • I have been keeping an eye on the second hand market for a while

    Facebook Marketplace I hope? There's always countless ones being flogged off next to nothing.

    • Yeap, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. None around here unfortunately.

  • ewaste places on Ebay/FB marketplace/Gumtree

    • please share any listings :)

  • I have one wanting to sell it off but I’m in Victoria.

    If you have someone coming from VIC for xmas to GC they can pick it up $100. P.m. me for details

    • thanks, will keep it in mind.

  • +1


    • please share any listings :)

  • This price increase is quite crazy. I got a 12U Rack from Selby Acoustics for $167 back in Jan '21 and that too is now $299. I can recommend this rack if you can't find anything cheaper.

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