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[Switch] Hollow Knight $35.10 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just check out the game section in JB HIFI online and found this game a good deal with coupon code. Bought one as i am eyeing for it. Is it supposed to be hard to find?

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  • dammit I bought this yesterday for the full price of 39 lol o well

    • full ticket price is $59

      • its been 39 for a few days now.

        • Bloody hell, me too I also bought for $39 :P

          Loving the game so far though.

          • @gryphondarks: I am a collector so I will never open mine its sealed :D I do have it digitally though so good!!

    • hmm who do we contact to refund us the 3.90$? lol

  • Thanks OP

  • Damn, why is this suddenly in stock? Bought either way, a proper physical copy of this was hard to come by recently, let alone at a cheap price.

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    what's the difference with e-shop version? seems e version is only $17.50 at even full price.

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      Physical copy

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    For some reason Ive always confused this with Shovel Knight, which I never particularly liked. Anyways, bought. Thanks OP.

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      Don't worry, it's much better than shovel knight.

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    I am trying not buy games that I already own on other platforms, especially if I beat it, but I might do an exception for Hollow Night. Amazing game!

  • No delivery unfortunately, I'm in SA.

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    Where is silksong.

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      Where is silksong!

      • Where is silksong?

        • Where is silksong?

  • Is $4 off a bargain? 😬

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      Maybe 10% sounds better. LOL

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      This sells for >$70 secondhand (limited stock)

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    I remember buying the e-version of game for around $10 a couple of years ago.

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      This is for people collect games. For play, just buy digital.

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        Was free on psplus

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          Didn’t run on my switch though

  • Got it. Thanks

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    Awesome Aussie game.

  • Thanks for sharing it, manage to grab it click & collect from nearby store. Just in time for the holidays, looking forward to it.

  • Loved this game. Happy for a physical copy, thanks!

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    Spent much of last Christmas holiday period playing this, never got to the 106% but low 90's. Personally found it really difficult, in particular getting going. However ended up being one of my favourite games ever.

    • Much the same experience though I did get 106% in the end (not 112% though). Gave up early on dying on bosses and getting frustrated but eventually went back and beat them, then proceeded to get addicted and it became one of my favourite Metroidvania style games of all time. White Palace still gives me nightmares but that music was perfect.

      • Oh is it 112% for all… yeah don't think I will make that. Actually started again tonight, before this deal went up.

      • White palace yuck!

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    I happily paid full price for the digital version to support the Aussie developers. This physical copy is tempting too because Hollow Knight.

    • Same! Aside from physical copies being future proof, if you do buy them after digital, they make really easy gifts. A friend or relative just got a Switch? Just reach to your bookcase, pull out a sealed copy and place it in their hands.

  • Cannot purchase, no option available to buy?
    Maybe out of stock?

    Error occurs when selecting any method of buying- delivery, CV or collection centre.

    • Having the same issue as you even though nearby stores are showing as in stock for C&C.

      • Thirding this motion, error when c&c or any other method is selected. When will they ever get proper ordering systems. So frustrating.

    • Keep trying. I just got it to work (on PC) after getting an error a couple of times.

  • Completely respect this game but man is it frustrating.

  • Just got click collect email

  • +1

    Normally, I don't care about collecting at all.

    But for Cherry, you guys can have all my money. Seriously, release silksong already so I can buy it 4 times again.

  • Bought digital on Switch and PS4, didnt get very far due to difficulty. Gave in to the collecting mentality and bought physical, hopefully it’ll motivate me to git gud.

    • Just sit down and give it a good crack I reckon. Once you beat the first boss - which you can do at any time, no real need to skill up as such - the drive to continue (and the fun) really ramps up.

  • Does anyone know if all the DLC (including Godmaster) is on the cart? or do they need to be downloaded?

    • "All physical copies of Hollow Knight include a manual and fold-out map of Hallownest and include all the DLC: Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe, Lifeblood, and Godmaster."

      Assuming this means it's on the cart.

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    Just picked mine up, still sealed. Perfect for collection.

    • I unfortunately wasn't so lucky.

  • It's $17.50 at the Nintendo e-shop for those who just want the game

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