Best New Dock for M1 MacBook Pro?

Hi there,

I have a new Macbook Pro 2021 with M1 Max. It goes like stink. Night and day compared to my old one.

I need some USB A ports to connect some older accessories, and am yet to find a good dock. Any recommendations? USBA would be nice along with ethernet etc.



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    I've used the CalDigit TS3+ breakout box for quite a few years for my Thunderbolt Macs and am happy with it. This is by no means a cheap dock and its taken me a long time of deliberation to bite the bullet and buy. I have not regretted it. It's been doing its duty for multiple MBPs now without a flaw. Regarding potential limitations when using it with the newer M1 chips have a look here.

    I put my MacBook in the Twelve South BookArc stand when using it with the TS3+, which works well.

    • Thanks, that's helpful! It's hard to know since there are so many options. Will definitely take a look…

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    I very recently went through this process and also ended up settling on the CalDigit TS3+. Not cheap, but as I found out, it's also not absurdly expensive relative to the competition. Anecdotally, it's worked perfectly for me so far. CalDigit do have a few different docks that are generally highly regarded:

    • wow, they're certainly not cheap, but I guess you get what you pay for!

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