5G Vs 4G Will I Get Spoilt and Never Want to Go Back Again?

I have been on long term prepaid 4G for awhile. Mainly using it in metro area, with the occasional bush/town usage.

Thinking of upgrading to one of the new 5G deal, but the price is quite a multiple-especially comparing to very good long term deals posted here, e.g. 6months/1 year prepaid.

And once I get on 5G will I get spoilt and never want to ever go back albeit the multiple expense? Ala NBN100 vs dialup or adsl.

Poll below what I should go with

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    5G for a price
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    4G for cost
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    Leech off friends wifi and portable hotspots
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    Bikies they provide data?


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    For mobile phone? You won't see a massive difference in day to day normal usage. Only tethering and sustained high bandwidth activities/downloads.

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    No difference tbh. I turned mine off lol. I'm on wifi most of the time.

    Not sure with call quality, but wifi calling has been great.

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    Data usage shouldn't be materially affected, (I'm using it now), though sometimes the 5G network has been known to chemtrails secret world order (((Soros))) jet fuel can't melt steel beams just asking questions great reset Qanon in metropolitan areas, depending on how close to a tower you are.

  • Not sure if you already know this, but Telstra prepaid is 5G enabled, at least the rather old plan I'm on is.

  • Check out the 5G maps before you jump. Also read up that 5G phones currently need 4G to work, but in the future this will change and there have been a marketing tiral by Optus that was in the news last week about this.

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    Oz 5G is only 4GX with MIMO antenna capabilities. In the finest of footprints of our glorious leaders best efforts to build infrastructure, Helstra, Satellite, NBN…

    5G is more of a scam, than a feature.

    • 4GX and 5G are not the same, Australia is getting 5G.

      • Australia has 5G

        • https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2020/09/08/5g-spee...

          Note the speeds in the second graph- showing the speed of 5G in Oz as 1/3rd that of Saudi Arabia, barely beating LTE in real life. It's an old article, some areas are better now, but it's valid for users in many areas.

          5G can be implemented as LTE (4G) with multiple antennas (MIMO). This is not uncommon, and is a cheap way to 'upgrade' existing infrastructure.

  • I once felt that 3G was okay, then 4G came out and when in 3G mode my phone feels super slow.
    Was that because
    a) 3G feels slow compared to 4G, or
    b) phone providers re-assigned 3G bandwidth to 4G thus slowing you down on 3G.

    If the answer is b), then in the future 4G will be crippled so everyone moves to 5G.

    • I was on three (back then) paying 30 bucks for 40gb. I couldn't use much because they throttled it so much towards the end (when they merged with voda)

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    You might need Booster shots to maintain the 5G throughput.

    • Bonus offer; never lose your car keys again. Magnetic injection site for the win.

    • Or to maintain your V2P capability in the future.

  • Mine is turned off to give me longer battery.

    I also have 5g home broadband. Great value for money. I get 400 to 500mbps all the time. I am not a gamer hence was pleasantly surprised on move from NBN 100.

  • Is there something that 5g will allow you to do that 3g can't?
    Sure it's faster but that's means literally nothing when data caps are a thing.

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    Do you have issues with buffering?
    4G is very capable and the battery drain/range limitations of 5G don't really stack up.

    IMHO 4G is still more than enough. If anything my phone's lag is the bottleneck.

    You'll also have to get around the fact that you'll be 95% more prone to coronavirus (IT'S WHAT THE INTERWEBS TOLD ME!)

  • I got an iPhone 13, and the only time I really use 5G is when I want to do a speed test and see how fast it is. Rest of the time, I turn it off

  • I've got 5G turned off as it uses too much battery. But I've got a routine on then phone running to enable 5G if I'm in a good 5G area.
    Currently at home I can get 438 Mbps on 4G and 1217 Mbps on 5G.

  • Good real world examples! I think its another year of 4G for me.

    The only consideration is if I'm swapping NBN for permanent 5G instead.

  • Telstra can't sell there 5G and they giving it away in free trials. But in saying that, i guess it's not being used to its full potential. For every day use, 4G is fine

  • The only real use for 5G right now is AI/AR & V2X, most other stuff can be done with 4G. In ordinary circumstances, it's just going to drain your phone battery quicker.

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