I'm Looking for Best Price for 4x Bridgestone Dueler H/P Sport 225/60R17 99V in Sydney

Hi, I am looking for Bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/60R17 99V. Do anyone know anywhere affordable price for that tyres? I am located in Sydney.

Thank you


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    Sydney’s a big place ….

  • Bob Jane have always been competitive for me and they throw in free alignment ($99) if you do all 4 tyres and free rotation & realignment service after 3 or 6 months. Ask about this, could be specific models only.

    Cross-compare Bob Jane with Tyresales: https://www.tyresales.com.au/buy/tyre/bridgestone/dueler_h-p...

    Current offer is $100 off 4 tyres with total $1,120 fitted. The 99H is $972 fitted.

    Be careful with going to small garages, they might be $20 cheaper but have old stock. The one I went to see had KO2s that had been sat around for quite few years. Rubber degrades over time so check the date on them.

    • Not sure why OP wants the V, but the H is more than adequate for australian roads and will generally have better endurance.

      • V because I just want to use the original that care run now. Not so sure the different. Thank you for letting me know

  • Tempe Tyres.


    • Nil stock I believe

    • Yep out of stock 😉

  • Any particular reason for that particular brand? You realise you don’t have to get the same brand as what the manufacturer puts on there don’t you?

    • I just want peace of mind stick to the car use now. But looking for reliable car same quality with Bridgstones could be ok.

      • You can get similar quality from all manner of brands. Talk to a few tyre places to see what they recommend.

  • Costco

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