Apple HomePod - $500 Smart Speaker Lifetime?

What would you consider a reasonable lifetime for the premium $500 HomePod smart speaker from Apple?

Poll Options

  • 3
    1 year
  • 3
    2 years
  • 6
    3 years
  • 2
    4 years
  • 31
    5 years
  • 0
    6 years
  • 2
    7 years
  • 0
    8+ years


  • +1


    Someone trying to fight ACL?

    • Don’t want to make the responses biased ;)

  • +1

    I'd expect 5 years at the very least.

  • +5

    Mine broke just after 2 years following a software update. Apple support wanted to charge almost the original price to fix it which I declined. I raised the issue with fair trading resulting in apple replacing the homepod at no cost to me.

  • What’s a good alternative speaker with Siri capabilities? The Google and Amazon ones just don’t have the sound quality of the original HomePod.

    • Sonos one?

      • I would go Sonos once my HomePods die again and can’t be replaced. Unfortunately it does not have Siri, but does support AirPlay

        • Are there any products with Siri that are not directly Apple branded?

          • @ONEMariachi: Bose Soundlink Revolve

            • @westical: Not in the same way. You have to hold the communication button down to start Siri, and you need a phone/ipod with Siri built in to use it. Effectively it doesn't have Siri in it, but can access your phone's Siri.

    • If you can live with multiple devices, any of the Google Homes can be paired to a BT speaker…

  • I have three original HomePods. First was purchased in Jan 18 $499, second purchased in Oct 19 was $401, third purchased in March 20 was $299.

    All still going strong.

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    One of mine developed the Fart of Death after two years.

    • Fart of Death

      Shat itself? Shart of death?

  • +1

    Just this year my HomePod died during an update, the genius turned me away, so I took it further and eventually got it replaced at no cost to me. I'd be happy to share with you what I wrote that got the ball rolling.

    • Could you please share that? I have a couple of HomePods at home and I have a feeling that I might need that.

    • Yes, please.

    • Appreciate a share as mines being doing the Fart of Death.

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