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Hi everyone,

Is anyone in Adelaide having poor internet reception on their phone on Boost? I've switched to prepaid Boost mobile plan in December 2019, and things have been alright until mid this year. Around the time I started having poor internet reception on my phone I didn't have home internet and I was going through my mobile data a lot (tethering). And also around that time I got a new mobile phone, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. So I am not sure if Boost has somehow slowed my internet down since I was using a lot of data, or if it's to do with my new phone, although it was fine in the first 2 or 3 months when I got it. Just wondering if anyone else has reception issues on Boost. Tia

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    Have you tried to reset your network settings?

    • Yeah, many times and nothing changed. The thing is, most of the time I have full reception with 4G sign at the top, but the browser just hangs, and after a while I get "There is no internet", and then after a couple of minutes it works, while I am still in the same spot. The first year and half I have had no reception issues at all. It's just weird. Will give the network reset a go again and see if it makes any different. Ta

    • supasaiyan, thanks for your suggestion. Looks like I haven't been doing the 'reset network settings' properly. Had to Google how to reset it this afternoon and the coverage was a lot better after that so far. Fingers crossed that was my only issue and I don't have to change carriers. Cheers

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    Is anyone in Adelaide having poor internet reception on their phone on Boost?

    No issues for me, on Boost.

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      Have been using Boost since July 2019 in Melbourne, no issue with signal or data till date. Have changed 3 phones until now, all Samsung Galaxy models.

  • Do you use any VPN software because that could also be the cause?

    • No. Don't use VPN on my PC either, despite being a one-eyed sea thief. 😄

      I think supasaiyan's suggestion above kinda helped my issue as I have been to different areas in Adelaide today and my reception was a lot better than it has been over the last several months.

    • You're the best. I was about the launch my phone across the room in frustration.

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    The culprit may be the new phone. Why not try using the old phone? A phone may miss out certain key band.

    • Possible. Unfortunately I traded in my S10 Plus for this one. I have an old S5 somewhere in my apartment, but I don't think the SIM is the same size. Will figure something out.

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    Have you tried a SIM replacement? I’ve seen dodgy SIMs cause all sorts of weird issues.

    • I might give that a try. Although it's better now after resetting network settings (as recommended above), but there are still hiccups. Ta

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    Just had a very very annoying issue with Boost that was ultimately my own fault. 2 weeks ago my mobile data stopped working, I spent literally hours trying things before contacting boost, 3 reps later and it sprung into my mind that it might be a vpn issue, I signed up to this trial VPN crap that once it finished it just blocked all my mobile data so I post this here for anything going through the same problem. I am very relieved and quite embarrassed but hey, that's how it goes. Don't do what 'Donny Don't' does.

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      I don't have VPN, but I think I messed up mine. I remember around the time my issue started I watched a tutorial video for S21 Ultra on YouTube and changed a number of settings. After playing with different connection-related settings things seem to be back to normal.

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