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LG UP80 86" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV $2695.50 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Says it has HDMI 2.1, plus Dolby Vision and comes with 3 months free Apple tv+ subscription.

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  • Legit 200hz frame rate?

    • It is a 120Hz panel in this size.

    • +3

      would think it's 120hz with interpolation to get to 200hz
      So no, i don't think it's legit, it's in line with the other manufacturers claiming 200hz

      • LGs claim is TruMotion 200 -it is native 120hz
        JB put it in misleading way.
        I don't think we have native 200hz panel in major brands these days.

  • +5

    2.18m of retina frying goodness - 45kg as well.
    Never thought that TV's would need a house designed around it.

    • +8

      first TV I bought was a Sony 36" CRT. That bad-boy weighed a whopping 100kg! https://www.manualslib.com/manual/483566/Sony-Fd-Trinitron-W...

    • FYI Gets a pretty critical rating on rtings
      (i know it says UP8000 but it looks to be identical)

      • +1

        FYI the rtings review is for the smaller models without HDMI 2.1 or VRR.

        Quote from the rtings review
        "The 82 inch and 86 inch models are advertised to have a 120Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 support; however, we didn't test them."

        Not saying it's the best TV but it's cheap. Price is decent for the specs and size. I haven't personally viewed this TV though so no idea if it's a good buy. No local dimming it seems.

        • +1

          Really looking forward to late 2022 / 2023 when even the 'cheap crap' TVs do HDMI 2.1 and VRR.

      • +1

        Yeah it's cheap for a reason but would be miles better then the $1500 aldi tv

    • +2

      You'd think you need a big place but honestly a massive TV looks amazing in a tiny apartment as well :)

      • Or a massive apartment looks tiny after you buy this tv ;)

    • I have a 65" downstairs and its too small for the wall… looks like Im upgrading :D

      • +1

        The wall that is?

  • You need a mini truck to deliver it!

  • +3

    HDMI inputs 4
    HDMI 2.1 inputs 2
    USB Ports 3

  • this or Sony X9000 85-inch TV 2020 model?
    It’s going for $3000 at factory second shop

  • -2

    Would you recommend the 75” at all?

  • Probably has grey-ish blacks and no local dimming if you care.

  • +1

    Funny enough I have first hand experience with this TV. It's the centre point of the house, I have the 2018 model. AMA.

    • Would you recommend?

      • +4

        Honestly I would have used the money for a smaller oled if you're looking for a clean, crisp image. The 86in is great for an immersing experience if you're at the correct distance though.

        I do really enjoy the LG UI when compared to some Sony's I've played with.

        • What's the "correct" distance?

          • @Mr Snrub: Immersive with an LED panel? Bring your sunglasses. No, get a projector.

          • @Mr Snrub: Really depends on the individuals. Some strongly argue for project screens for a full cinematic experience but my family is quite content with our super massive TV

        • +1

          That's some good honesty, some people when they buy a product can't help but fanboy for it and refuse to be critical.

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    Been looking for 85" tvs for a while. First pref is the Sony xj95 series and waiting for it go on special (boxing day maybe). Was also about to pull the trigger on the Samsung neo qled 85" for about 4200 during black Friday but was too late. This LG seems OK at this price point, what are your thoughts? Mainly for tv/movies… Occasional ps5 if I ever get time.

    • +4

      If you're watching shit TV then you'd want a decent Sony because the upscale tech is good.

    • +1

      Sony all day long… the 85X95J would probably be my pick too. Maybe the A90J but the price difference is hardly justifiable OLED or not.

    • Get a 65' OLED instead for this money, sit a little closer to it. Far superior for TV/movies.

      • Wow 65" vs 86"

        Just wow

        • This panel vs a similarly priced OLED

          Just wow

      • What's the recommended closer distance to sit from for a 65" vs distance for an 85"?

        • +2
          • @theory: Thanks for the guide. Sofa setup currently approx 5M away from wall mounted tv, guess I've gotta either move it closer or gun for 85"+!

            • +1

              @reece8: Easier to buy a new TV than move the sofa. Make sure it's delivered, installed and old TV removed whilst you're on your sofa.

              • +1

                @Click_It: Lol yeah thanks for the back breaking saving advice. Still think even at this 85", 5M may be too far and we'll need to move sofa closer to 4M? Must be a reason why rtings max distance from TV is 3.66M?

                • @reece8: Get them to move the sofa after they finish installing the TV. Might be polite to get up during this. Have them measure 3.66M for precision distance.

                  • @Click_It: Yeah may need to find an airtasker to do all this…! Will start working on the Mrs now to move sofa distance from TV, she's adamant it stays 5M back to not obstruct window view 🤔

                    • @reece8: Window views… women are funny creatures. That big TV needs to take full priority. Get a picture of a window printed and hang it elsewhere on the wall if need be 😁

                      • @Click_It: Lol, hear hear! Well it's three floor to ceiling windows hence the 5m+ distance, I'll leave it to our eyesight let's see what takes priority ;D

    • @ksun1985 I got the 85 neo qled for 4100 during BF special n seriously once u set the local dimming to high it looks n performs just like a C1 but with better colours while watching tv n movies too.
      Its definitely not worth the extra 3k u would pay for a C1 or Sony

      • +1

        Yeh I have some regret not buying it when I had the chance. I'll have to wait for the next special.

  • Was looking for something like this for a while. Stupid big TV for the living room and the missis. Sadly, I didn't move in yet to the new place…my 55" oled for my man cave ;)

    • Man cave + 55” oled. Sounds living in a dream :)

      • +1

        Only possible with the excuse it is my home office ;)

  • Usually TVs are multiples of 5" in size. Why do I keep seeing 86? Why not just make it 85?

  • +1

    A little bit off topic question - do any big tv's come with a swivel base anymore? I have a 55in sony that's a 100 years old with a swivel base and just planning for the replacement when it inevitably dies
    The swivel base is extremely useful for us

    • Not that I have seen, but that's why I always mount my TV to the wall, it's 50 to 100 for a decent swivel mount from Selby on ebay, and it not only let's you swivel, ut makes it easier to plug cables in and saves you some bench space and gives you more options for cabinets IMO

  • Doesn’t seem to be available for pick up or delivery anywhere in QLD.

  • +1

    86" for under $3000 and from a decent brand… and people are still talking about local dimming and blacks are greys etc?

    For 86 inches of real estate, this is a great deal!

  • Picked one up from yesterday at doncaster using discounted home gift cards - came to about $2300ish inclusive delivery..happy days!

  • how do you use the gift cards? Staff in JB told me its online only but i cant use 20x gift card online..

    • Not the home cards - it's the opposite where you use in store as opposed to online.

      No limit to how many you use from what I know of.

      • but its $2995 in store, and still $2545 even with gift card, i was thinking of using the 10% off online code down to $2695, then another 15% off with the ultimate gift card and down to $2290. didnt work out as i cant use more than 1x gift card if purchase online, and if purchase in store, cant use the 10% online code :(

        • +1

          You can use the code in store from tomorrow I believe. Scan that barcode (the image is in the email with the discount, and is uploaded in the original thread), then use as many discounted Ultimate Home cards as you like (15% off at Coles currently) and you’re good to go. Can’t use the Home cards online as they act like an eftpos payment, not a gift card, but you can use as many of them as you like in store. That’s my understanding anyway.

          • +1

            @handles1: Thanks mate. Got them scan the code and yes bought the TV with 32 gift card 30 min ago. Notice the code works for the Samsung au8000 model as well, 85" and same prices, is that not a better TV, just curious why no one mentioned that model?

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