Best Broker for Stock Trading? Who Do You Use

Hi guys,

can anyone recommend me a broker that will take as little fees from me as possible?
Looking at Putting in 50k Tonight
Looking at purchasing approx 10-12 different stock for long-term.

I have signed up for CMC but the activation process takes quiet a bit.

I have funds ready to go really.

What is the best option available to me?

Who do you guys use and why?


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    Selfwealth $9.50 Flat fee, and 5 free ASX trades on referral

    • They expire before I can even use them :(

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    Looking at Putting in 50k Tonight
    Looking at purchasing approx 10-12 different stock for long-term.

    This sounds like FOMO. Are you ready for the dip on Friday?

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  • SelfWealth

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    50k on black, no wait, on red, no wait, all on green!

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    Haven’t used them myself but there’s Stake -

  • 😂

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    Most stocks are for US, I've been told stakes have a terrible conversion rate USD/AUD

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      Second this, the conversion rate on Stake costs more than actually paying for the trade.

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    Interactive broker for US shares

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    Go for STAKE. you can trade US stocks and ASX as well.

  • Tsla.

    More supply then demand

  • I’ll do it for a carton.
    Just forward the 50k and the carton to me and I’ll look after the rest.

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    Right now you can buy 50k of AAPL stock gift cards at Woolworths/Big W, and get 5k to spend on groceries for free! That’s an overnight return of 10%. Apple (AAPL) stock gift cards just hit a 52-week high, but I think they’re going higher. In the long term, much higher. Best of all, there are no brokerage fees on AAPL stock gift cards…

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    +1 for stake free trading+ Big 4 trading account to check volume and price/buy sell depth

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      +1 for stake free trading

      You know it's not actually free right?

      • Why? How not? Au free trades til 31/12

        • Wall Street doesn't give anything for free.

    • CMC has free live prices for asx

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  • Would you mind sharing on which stock broker you chose?

    I was looking to invest for the first time and found that it's best to invest in S&P500…

    Any recommendations on which platform to use? Looking to invest around $5K for long term…

    • The top 5 companies on SPX are carrying the 495.

      Pick the leaders and buy them directly.

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