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[PC,PS4,XB1,Ubisoft] Free to Play - Assassin's Creed Odyssey - 16-19 Dec @ Ubisoft


Missing that Greek sun? ☀ Jump into the sandals of the legendary misthios Kassandra or Alexios during the Assassin's Creed Odyssey Free Weekend from December 16-19!

Game page on Ubisoft

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    The real legend is the guy who can finish a completionist run for free in four days

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      Challenge accepted!

      Took 100+ hours to get the full 1000G on Xbox so I know what needs to be done for the platinum trophy on PS5.

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    Now if they only updated origins to 60fps on PS5…

  • bought this on black friday sales.. awesome game altho noway do i have the time to finish it in 4 days

  • Which platforms? PC or all?

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      All :)

      • Worth putting [PC, PS5, PS4, XSX] in title then

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