Replacement Smoke Alarm

I need to replace some smoke alarms in my house. They are hard wired in type, what is good these days that doesn’t have a lot of false alarms? Old Clipsal ones keeps going off.


  • Old Clipsal ones keeps going off.

    I bet it's never during the day. It's always around 3am.

    I recently researched to replace the 5 in our house (hardwired + battery). There was a clear winner but I never proceeded with the purchase so can't recall the brand. All I remember is that the Bunnings specials (quell?) reviewed poorly due to false alarms.

    • Yep that’s right, always during the night. It’s 8 years old so might as well change it now.

  • Our rental in QLD just had 6 of the 10 year battery versions of this brand installed -

    Been in about 10days so far and no false alarms. All are interconnected and a remote fob too. Not connected to mains power.

    • This looks decent, the remote is a good idea.

  • I had old model clipsal ones which had random false alarms, I just replaced them with the newer models as this happened is what I replaced them with

    they all started going on the blink at the 6 / 7 year mark and always at night time when people were in bed.

    I have 2 units in the house and 1 in the garage all interconnected

  • Google Nest Protect. Haven't had any false positive so far. The motion path light is also quite useful.

    • SOURCE:

      On 19 October 2020, Google confirmed that the production of Nest Secure were discontinued officially. Google did not explain the reason behind discontinuation of Nest Secure, but did confirm the continuation of the service for the existing users.

      Not sure if Google will be killing off the Next Protect as well.

      I was looking at getting a bunch of Emerald Planet interconnected smoke alarms. During my research, I came across the Nest Protect. I was all hyped up about buying these instead. However, I have read on certain sites that Google is exiting the home security market under its Nest brand in the next 5 years.

      I guess if Google kills off support for its Nest products, the app will be pretty much useless. Could someone please shed some light on this?

      • Oh s**t. I installed 5 of these at my house quite recently.
        The expiry date on my Nest Protect are 16/09/2031.

        Hopefully someone can dump the firmware and reverse engineer it to work with Home Assistant. There is a micro USB port for firmware upgrades or diagnostics.

        • There is a micro USB port for firmware upgrades or diagnostics.

          I assumed the firmware updates can be done over WiFi.
          Once they are mounted on the ceiling, it would be kind of inconvenient to access that micro USB port (especially if the unit is hard wired to mains).

          The expiry date on my Nest Protect are 16/09/2031

          I guess the real question will they still work in 5 - 10 years time from now when Google shuts down their Nest service completely?

  • I've been looking at doing the same - I have some old hard-wired ionisation alarms that are past 10 years old. Bunnings alarms all seem to have awful reviews, some outlets flat out stopped selling certain brands (e.g. Hard to know what's actually reliable.

    Have been looking at Red Smoke Alarms, which seem decent, probably going to go with the R240RC which are hard-wired photoelectric detectors. They can be wirelessly connected if you purchase an additional wireless base for each unit (for about the same cost as the unit itself) and can also be connected to a remote for testing, silencing and locating (also about the same cost as a unit). I'll probably just go with the detectors and forego the interconnectivity and remote.

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