Snapchat - How Do You Post a Questions Box?

Hi Ozbargain community, I literally couldn’t think of anywhere else to go that I might get this answer because I’ve tried to Google it and have got nothing!

Can anyone tell me on Snapchat how people can post a questions box? Or can anyone please tell me in this picture how that person has got a question up on their story that they are replying to?

I can’t see any third party link like yolo used (not available anymore now anyway).

Any help appreciated - so sorry to bring this stupid question here!

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  • +1

    That screenshot lost me at "You're are…"

    • Bhawana fail

  • Hahahaha I didn’t even notice - I just took the screenshot from someone’s snap spotlight, so not my fail. But I’m guessing none of you know the answer? 😂 thanks!

  • I'm pretty sure its for influencers/public profiles and they can enable people to swipe up and send through a response which they can choose to post on their story rather than filling their snapchat up they scroll down a list of responses. Similar functionality to an instagram Q&A. It's not necessarily a Q&A feature by snapchat, its more of just anyone writing what they want to that public profile and they see the responses that come through and decide which to post

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