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Dyson V7 Origin Cordless Vacuum $399 ($200 off) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Big W


Blurb from website

Cord-free. Powerful suction for versatile cleaning:
• Up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction.*
• Quickly transforms to a handheld.
• Includes Direct drive cleaner head and Combination tool.

Stated run time applies in Powerful mode, with non-motorised tools attached.
Product Features:
Powered by the Dyson digital motor V7 - engineered for powerful suction on carpets and hard floors.
Up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction
- powerful suction for whole-home cleaning.
Two power modes - switch between Max mode for up to 6 minutes of high power,and Powerful mode for longer cleaning.
Whole machine filtration - captures allergens and expels cleaner air.
No-touch dirt emptying - no need to touch the dirt - just pull the lever to release it into your bin.
2 Tier Radial cyclones - 15 cyclones create strong centrifugal forces, to capture more dirt.
Docking station - tidily stores and recharges your Dyson V7 vacuum, so it’s always ready for use.
Easily reaches up high - lightweight and ergonomic to clean high-up places with one smooth motion.
Combination tool - two tools in one, for simple switching between surfaces.
What's in the box - Dyson V7 Origin vacuum cleaner, Direct drive cleaner head, Combination tool and Docking station

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    Need the price in title pls OP :)

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    Tell em the price Son

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    price and store in title please

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    No price - clearly it's freebie :-)

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    Sorry, Team.Updated now.

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      All good - to be fair I only replied because it was my first chance EVER to be the first post :p lol

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        Lol, Sorry, Bro.😊

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    What does the OzB community think of the Dreame T20? It is very cheap considering it is compared with the Dyson V11.

    I’m in search of a decent cordless stick vacuum that does good on carpet.

  • Are these good at sucking up pet fur/dander? I know the corded ones are more powerful but I'd like to go cordless as I feel it's safer with a toddler.

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      The direct drive head (which has its own motor) is pretty good at catching hair. It's loud and mediocre on hard floors, but should be still fine with fur.

      Keep in mind a cordless vacuum might be more cumbersome for a toddler to operate - unless you remove the long rod, then they should be able to carry it.

      • lol I don't think @van1 was expecting their kid to be undertaking child labour, it's more that kid might tangle themselves in the cords or could be a tripping hazard.

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          I can't know other people's clutter, but I feel there might be a better chance of that cordless vacuum being left leaning against a wall and falling on the kid.

          You either put it in its holder or lay it flat.

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      The older versions of dyson cordless (v6, v7) does well on floorboards/tiles, but struggle with carpet/thick rugs. Look up v.8 animal cordless onwards which suppose to work better at picking up pet hairs, but they do come with a hefty price tag.

      Cordless is great for quick clean up esp with kids littering crumbs everywhere, but I still need to whip out the corded vacuum for proper clean every fortnight bcos cordless battery life is limited to up to ~30mins.

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      It’s good to start toddlers early with cleaning duties.

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    Shouldn’t the V7 be around $200 these days? It’s what, 5 years old now?

  • These look like a V8?

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    $379.05 on BigW ebay store using code PLUSDEC5 for ebay plus members

  • Thanks, OP for the nice post. Guys, what do you think about Proscenic cordless Handheld P10 Vacuum Cleaner 22,000Pa Suction LED Touchscreen? Is it any good? Its available on eBay for $129.99

  • This Sucks!

    • Is that you dad sending messages from the other side

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    Any deals on the V11/Outsize/V15? Doesn't seem to have been discounts on these models in a long time!

  • are these good with tiles?

    • I'd say the direct drive head, which is the main one in this set, is not good with tiles or hard floors in general.

      Brushes rotate in a way the head sometimes project bits (crumbs, fluffs, pebbles) - the suction might be not enough to pick them. Also you can only go one direction (forwards). It's very annoying, but it's not the case on carpets or rugs. Also, you can buy a different head.

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