Third Party Towbar on 2017 Tiguan Diesel

Hey all,

I was trying to get a hitch installed on my 2017 Tiguan Diesel and I was told that it can only have an official Volkswagon towbar because of the place of the Adblue tank. Is that correct?

Has anyone here installed a third party towbar on a 2017 Tiguan Diesel?



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    And let me guess… a "dealership" told you this??

    • Same with the tennis ball on the tow ball?

    • No this was a third party installer

  • Surely a stealership wouldn't lie to their customer. /s

    05/2016 on VW Tiguan (petrol and diesel including R-line and 7 seat) Hayman Reese

    Hitch 3190RW 2500/100 pt Includes (4827) ECU protection $1495

    • Ouch, $1500 for aftermarket

      • That's reasonable $$ for a VW

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    I'm sure whichever third party made the towbar would've taken into account the Adblue tank when designing it.

  • Tiguan genuine towbars were $1800 back in 2017, hate to think what they'd cost now.

  • Examine closely images of OEM vs third party towbars. There may be differences. Some may be better.

    Eg: in Pajero, OEM towbar tucks behind bumper, but means actually towing something may the thing attaching to the towball to hit the spare tire.

    HaymanReece pajero towbar doesnt tuck behind bumper, it sticks out the front; also meaning attaching something to tow is easier.


  • Contact Fastfit - they were awesome sourcing one for my grey import Elgrand.

    The heavy duty Hayman Reece one specifically states "Does fit Adblue"

  • For everyone this was a third party installer.

    • Make more calls

  • won't be able to get adblue soon anyway, just rip it out

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