Best Value Laser MFC with Single-Pass Duplex Scanning

Hi all,

Now I'm working from home semi-permanently I'm looking for a good value laser MFC that supports single pass duplex scanning and scan to network (SMBv3) and scan to email. I was looking at the HP MFC 479dw or 479fdw (although don't need fax). Looks like this model is about to be discontinued.

Would prefer laser as only need to print occasionally but need to scan a lot of documents.



  • I'm sure you'll get plenty of recommendations but I use an aging Brother L2740DW.
    There are other options but I scan via FTP to my Raspberry Pi, The Pi 'listens' for new files in the scan folder.
    As soon as the file arrives the Pi emails it to me as well as uploading it to the cloud and also to my local Mayan EDMS where it is OCR'd and available for text searching.

    I was bored one day! Total cost about $300

  • Libraries charge for printing but often offer free scanning facilities.
    If you need to scan at home, you might be able to pick up a broken MFC (laser or inkjet) that won't print, but has a fully functional sheet feed scanner.

    • Great advice for a poor uni student, not so much for someone working full time at home.

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  • Don't waste money on HP otherwise you'll pay through the nose for toner replacement, Brother or Fuji Xerox is good option for long term use.

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