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Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Carbon: Ryzen 7 5800U (8C/16T), 14" 2.8k OLED 90hz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD $1700 Delivered @ Lenovo Education


Dispatch is 2 business days at the time of posting

AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800U (8C / 16T, 1.9 / 4.4GHz, 4MB L2 / 16MB L3)
Operating System
Windows 11 Home 64
Display Type
14.0" 2.8K (2880x1800) OLED 400nits Glossy, 90Hz, 100% DCI-P3, HDR 500 True Black, Glass, Dolby Vision
16 GB Soldered LPDDR4x-4266
Hard Drive
512 GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe 3.0x4 NVMe
1 Year Premium Care
AC Adapter
65W USB-C (3-pin)
Integrated AMD Radeon™ Graphics
Second Hard Drive
Integrated 61Wh
IR & 720p + ToF Sensor
Fingerprint Reader
No Fingerprint Reader
Backlit, English
802.11AX (2x2) & Bluetooth® 5.1
Integrated Mobile Broadband

Case material Carbon Fibre (Top), Magnesium-aluminium (Bottom)
Weight from 1.077kg

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  • -1

    If only it had Displayport passthrough via TYPE-C

    • +3

      Additional Specs for reference:
      1 x USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 (support data transfer only)
      2 x USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 (support data transfer, Power Delivery 3.0 and DisplayPort™ 1.4)
      1 x headphone / mic

    • I received mine yesterday..

      Definitely have video pass through as it comes with a USB-C to HDMI adapter. Works on a 4K 60hz screen.

      Though at the moment it’s not really working with a Lenovo Thunderbolt 4 dock. Only passing a 4K 30hz signal .

      OLED Screen is excellent. It is glossy though. No touch screen.

      Fan turns on most of the time when not at complete idle.

      Mine came with Hynix SSD.

      • how is the screen reflectivity? I have read that its super reflective

        • It’s quite reflective…. That’s true

          • @Thrawn: Thanks. Have you used a Macbook before? If so is it similar? I hate surface laptops because of glossiness. Surface laptops got to be the worlds most glossiest laptops

      • Mine arrived a couple of weeks ago. WD SN730 SSD, so there's an SSD lottery of sorts.

        Generally happy, though the keyboard backlighting is pretty awful, if you're at more than say, 45 degrees to the keyboard the lighting mostly just bleeds through under the keys instead of through them, and blinds you.

        EDIT: It certainly is the most reflective laptop I've owned, but then I come from a line of matter ThinkPads (which don't come in mainstream OLED variants hence the switch). But I do have a Surface Pro (not by choice, I hate it but it's my work-supplied WFH machine). Side-by-side I reckon the Surface is more reflective but it's not something I'd ever notice in day-to-day use.

      • @Thrawn is the fan noisy ?

        • +1

          You can hear it.. but I wouldn’t call it noisy

          • @Thrawn: Can you switch to Battery Saving mode and check if it still keeps running ?

      • It won't have thunderbolt by virtue of its AMD architecture.

        • True. Thunderbolt is nice to have, but haven't used the feature in the last 5 years in any of the intel laptops owned.

          Any kurrent killer feature that is not possible with type-C 3.2 gen 2?

          • @tchcrat: No idea, I've never owned a thunderbolt device myself. Just pointing it out in response to Thrawn in terms of having issues with a thunderbolt dock. ⚡

        • +1

          Yeah I know.. but my expectation is that it'll use DP 1.4, which in theory should do dual 4K 60hz. There's some kind of compatibility issue my guess.

          The TB4 dock can drive single screen 4K 60hz on both an HP EliteBook 840 G6 and Yoga 720 13" (both has TB3 but probably cut-down in terms of usable lanes)

  • 16 GB Soldered LPDDR4x-4266

    Ah nuts.

  • So OLED burn in isn't a thing any more?

    • +1

      A thing or not once you see one you don't want to look at any other screen tech again. So don't try it if you not gonna buy it. :)

      • Haha true. I've got an LG OLED TV but yeah was just curious with laptops and OLED with the whole burn in rigmarole.

  • +2

    Pls matte screen. Pls.

  • +2

    It's weird that laptops are still being pushed with glossy screens when they're more likely to be used outdoors, whereas monitors are all matte sans totl apple and LG monitors.

    • Yeah that's super weird isnt it

  • For ref. lot of discussion here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/661845

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