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5 Pack Roche Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Kit $48.95 (Was $59.95) + $10 Flat Rate Shipping @ Urban Green Farms


Use code "RAK" at checkout. FLAT RATE SHIPPING, whether you buy one or bulk packs.

Quick and convenient self- testing of COVID-19 any where, fast & accurate testing results from home with this easy to use self-test nasal kit.

The Roche COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Nasal Self Test Kit 5 Pack contains lateral flow tests for the qualitative detection of SARS‑CoV‑2 nucleocapsid antigen in human nasal samples. This test is designed to detect antigens of the SARS‑CoV‑2 virus in those suspected of having COVID‑19.

Now you can quickly and conveniently self-test for COVID-19 anytime, anywhere. In just four simple steps, the kit will provide an accurate result in just 15 minutes. It can be used at home, avoiding the need to travel to a testing centre.

Accurate results in just 15 minutes.


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    NOW $48.95 + $10 Flat Rate Shipping

    You can C&C for $49.99 at Chemist Warehouse for a 5-pack.

    • +2

      $49.99 + FREE SHIPPING @ Chemist Warehouse
      So don't even need to Click & Collect……

      • The SK Bio/Roche ones seem to be the industry standard and work with the navify app that most businesses use, however, the price on these is typically around $10/test anyway.
        So this deal isn't spectacular but is equivalent to free shipping if you couldn't pick a kit up locally.

  • Accurate results in just 15 minutes.

    Not as accurate as a PCR test…

    • +9

      Thanks for the feedback jv.

      • You're welcome…

    • Much less likely to give false postives

      PCR can give out more flase postives as it is more sensitive

      • +1

        I've heard the opposite.

      • I have these for work and when I was doing the training, the person also told me that they have never had a false positive with these tests. So if this test comes up as positive you are very likely to have a positive PCR test.

    • PCR is the gold standard test, better sensitivity and specificity.
      If you get a positive rapid antigen test, you should be getting a PCR test for confirmation.

      Personally, I'd be going to my nearest collection clinic to get a PCR test done which will be free rather than paying for the rapid antigen kits.

      • +1

        RAT tests are required for some activities where you would be refused a PCR test.

  • -1

    Doesn’t this come back with a positive even if the infection was months ago and you’ve fully recovered? Ie those with natural immunity gained via infection?

    • +2

      That's an interesting question. We'll ask the manufacturer. There's more information here as well. https://diagnostics.roche.com/au/en_gb/c/covidqr-patients.ht...

      In saying that, one of our staff had Covid, six months ago and has recently used the kit and returned a negative reading, however we will ask to confirm.

    • +1

      Ie those with natural immunity gained via infection?

      The immune system works the same way whether you get an infection or vaccination.

      Doesn’t this come back with a positive

      Not if you are not infectious…

    • +1

      No, I also asked this question when doing my training on how to use these things. They said no, this test will only tell you if you have Covid right now. If you had it a few weeks ago this test will not show positive (unless you still have Covid right now of course)

  • "That's an interesting question. We'll ask the manufacturer. "

    Might I suggest you do that before you decide to advertise them next time - it's a fairly important question, on a par with "Does this product contain alcohol?" or " Will this computer run (X) software?"

    • +2

      Thank you for your feedback Terry.

  • sooo you want us to buy for $1 less than chemist warehouse across the road from my office, but with the added pain of $10 S&S and waiting for delivery.

    yeahhh, nahhh. Not a deal.

    • So you want us to buy from the Chemist Warehouse across from your office?

      If your office is in Kununurra, for many $10 delivery could be a great deal.

      • my point is that any Chemist warehouse has them or any chemist these days has them for either same price or cheaper.

  • +1

    This test does not have as high sensitivity as others


    • +6

      You are not meant to use it if you have covid symptoms.

      It is just a precaution (and requirement) for certain scenarios, if you are not showing symptoms.

      • +3

        On what basis are you giving this advice? If you look at the data sheets tests that have 66% sensitivity in asymptomatic patients have sensitivities that rise to 90%+ if you are symptomatic. You absolutely should use these tests if you have symptoms and for whatever reason do you want to use a pcr test.

        Anyway… That is not the main point. For the price the chemistry warehouse one has imo much better sensitivity.


        • +4

          On what basis are you giving this advice?

          On the basis of being requested to use them.

        • Those figures aren't based off peer reviewed published research. It's straight from the manufacturer - no independent verification nor testing. So do you trust a Switzerland based company (Roche) manufacturing in South Korea (SD BIOSENSOR), or test manufactured in mainland China? Knowing what we know about the quality of masks made in China, I know which one I'd choose.

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