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LEGO 31120 Creator 3in1 Medieval Castle $100.08 Delivered @ Amazon AU


One of the best creator sets, up there with the 3in1 Pirate Ship IMHO.

Historic low, though it is regularly available at $110 - $120.

For the castle nuts among us, there's a great fortress you can build that uses 3x of this set (instructions are free):

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Great set. Personally pirate ship was more interesting build, but both look great completed.

  • +3

    Shut up and take my money

  • +1

    How can I buy 2 more of these without my wife finding out?

    • +12

      Build the fortress chuck the boxes. Look wifey I bought a castle.

      • +8

        tell her she's the princess..and that's why the castle is for you

    • +5

      Kill her, grind her bones up and store it in the waterwheel cottage.

      • Username checks out

    • +1

      Buy 3, consolidate the other 2 sets into one box, seal.

    • +2

      Buy and put my address for shipping

    • -1

      Buy for me then!!!

    • Couples counselling?

  • Recently got into the modular series. Bought a couple of these to see if I can modularise

  • For a sec I thought this is AOE one

  • +7

    …And I now have a castle.

    $100 poorer. But richer with castle.

  • +1

    Upvoted but still want this at $95 before buying.

    Just have to hold out….

    • +5

      How long are you going to hold out for 5 bucks?

    • +1

      I'll only buy maybe 50% off a year before retirement or 60% + longer .
      Price points of $80 and $64 :)

    • +1

      20% off the Kmart price is my go to price for a bargain, so yep $95 ticks that box 👍

  • Damn, now I must have 3 sets …

  • +1

    Damn I don't even have 1 and I want 3. That fortress is amazing

  • Does it combine/go well with any other sets, like the LEGO City builds?

  • +1
    • wtly :)

  • 2021 Set, will see if it drop down to 80 later …

    • +1

      No it probably won’t. Similar to pirate ship will probably hit 95.

  • The pirate ship was good fun, I recall reading there are non official instructions to combine two of the pirate into one bigger pirate boat.

    Maybe the same exists for this set?

  • +3

    When I was a young kid, I used to look at the Lego catalogue and wished I could get one of these mediaeval themed Lego but it was too expensive for me.

    Now that I'm a professional adult, I can finally it was too expensive for me.

  • Ferris wheel also looks dope.

  • +1

    I thought that $111 was a good deal when I purchased this set a few months back. This is a great deal if you know a castle LEGO fan.

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