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[PC, Steam] FIFA 22 $35.98 @ Steam


Pretty good deal for those that want to play online but dont have a console
Ultrawide resolution is also only supported on PC as well

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  • Is finding online matches easy? I've always played on console because of the larger playerbase, but now that PS4 and Xbox One has been superseded I thought I might jump over to PC to take advantage of my ultrawide screen.

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      I'm curious to know as well just downloading it now will let you know

      • Yeah let me know if you get games, last time I downloaded PC fifa I waited 1 hour for a seasons match

        • I played 21 a fair bit (FUT at least) I'd only ever get Champs games really, and the further the year goes obviously the deader the game is

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    Have the same question recently sold my series x and got a PC, I struggled to find games on the series X. Imagine it will be even harder on PC

    • It's a shame there isn't crossplay, FIFA of all games would benefit greatly from it.

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        Definitely agree really wished there was crossplay maybe once Ultrawide is supported on consoles as well ?

        • Hahahah, in our dreams. Half the games on PC still require ini modifications and mods to get running 21:9 :(

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    Pretty certain FIFA 22 is 'last gen' on PC. EA especially the sports division always disregards PC

  • Can you please career mode with this version? Not multiplayer… Just against the AI?

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      Yeah, it has the offline career mode which can be played against the AI.

  • This will be on Game Pass soon probably.

    • It was May last year when it got added to ea play with gamepass.

      • So we should expect to see this added in May 2022?

        • Be a similar date I reckon

  • For those wondering about the player base.. you get a 10 hour full access trial with Game Pass PC. I exclusively play seasons and don't always find games straight away.

  • Update

    Having played 12 hours of Ultimate Team, seasons and pro clubs
    The wait time is much long if you’re playing past 1am you’ll be lucky to find a match no joke
    Apart from that I can find a match relatively quickly playing from 6pm to 10pm

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