New 34” Curved Monitor Making Me Nauseous

Hi was so excited just opened my new xiaomi 34” curved ultra wide monitor
Set it up and worked on it for like an hour and then started getting nauseous and motion sickness. Does anyone experience it?
I used to have a 27” flat screen monitor
Anything I can do to reduce it or should I just sell it and move back?


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    I've not heard this before but never looked it up. Before you look at swapping, try sitting further back and try it for a few days to see if you just need to get used to it.

  • Might be sitting too close to the screen?

    If you have to turn your head constantly to see the display try moving the monitor further back.

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    Dodgy refresh rate set?

  • I've just switched back from my 27" Curved Display to my 27" Flat Display, and for what ever reason it feels both ends feel like they are curved still on the flat display its a weird effect.

    Maybe just something to adjust to over time

  • Sounds like you're just not used to a curved display.

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    It could be your settings as the screen tears pretty hard without using Free Sync and creates a motion blur effect.

    It doesn't have a good default factory setting so mess around with the options as refresh rate, brightness, contrast and warm/cold can give you motion sickness.

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    Hey OP, I look after a pretty large IT fleet for work, and we've just started to roll out the curved ultrawide displays to our users. We've had a few people like yourself report feeling queasy from them during our pilot, including one of the WH&S people. While I don't have ironclad proof of this, we've found that monitors with a lower R value tend to induce this problem for some staff.

    Every monitor has a curvature rating represented as RXXXX which basically notes the radius of a circle if all the monitors were pushed up next to each other to form a big circle shape. The Xiaomi has a R1500 rating, which gives it a very pronounced and sharp curve, which may be what is causing you some distress. We settled on a Dell model with a R3800 curvature - this is a very mild/shallow curve that is almost flat and I've not had any reports from users about feeling ill from these ones.

    It is possible you'll adjust, but don't force it - everyone's eyes are different, and respond differently to tech like curved screens and VR. I myself get bad eyestrain headaches if I spend too long on the curveds, so I need to take regular breaks.

  • these also use cheaper va panels, you may want to try ips ones to see if they have the same effect.

  • Is this the Xiaomi 34"?

  • I get this with any new screen. Like new monitor, phone, tv etc, it gets better after a day or two

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    I have the same issue… but only when I'm using the monitor for work /s

  • Took me 2 days to get used to it. The curve felt really weird at the start but once i got the hang of it, it was good.

  • I recently got a large Dell curved for home lockdown. First hour I was omg what have I done can I return it but I'm fine now.

  • I had the same issue with a flat 32 inch Samsung M7 (VA).

  • Thanks all, tried it for a few more days and still got. Dizzy. Sold it for same price I purchased it luckily. Any recommendations for a flat screen one?

  • Thanks all, tried it for a few more days and still got. Dizzy. Sold it for same price I purchased it luckily. Any recommendations for a flat screen one?

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