Dell S3222DGM Monitor Ghosting feedback please

Hi All

Just wanted to ask all the people who have purchased the above monitor through the various deals this site has offered.

Did you experience any ghosting when gaming ? Preferably fast motions games … ie FPS / Sim racing.

Just wondering if I should wait for the next deal or grab the Gigabyte M32Q


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    Yes I did
  • 9
    No I didn’t


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    Have had it about 3 months now, so far had no problems with ghosting when playing L4D2.

  • If you just bought it - send it back.

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      Nah I’m considering if I should buy it. 99.9% of time the screens will be used for sim racing so the go to recommendation is the M32Q … but the cost is also considerably more when I have to buy 3 screens

  • Michael appears faintly but tells me if I order a Cybertruck from Austin he will leave me alone!

  • Closing this as I just pulled the trigger on M32Q as it seems to be the most highly recommended monitor

    At the time of posting it seems that Ghosting isn't an issue according to the data. However in hindsight I should have put the poll as
    - Yes I did
    - No I didn't BUT I do not play fast motion games
    - No I didn't AND yes I do play fast motion games.

    That would have given it that little bit extra clarity.

    Thanks everyone :)

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