expired SanDisk Ultra SDHC 4GB Card - 4 Pack $19.90 Delivered at Dealfox


SanDisk Ultra SDHC 4GB Card - 4 Pack $19.90 Delivered at Dealfox.

if you order 2 pack $9.95 + $4.95 shipping= $14.90

but you can order 4 pack for $19.90 delivered as shipping is free for order over $10 at Dealfox.

$15.40 at JB just for one card.

Have a good night all

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    This card is very slow. Write speed is no more than 5.6MB/s. Ordered 2 last time and was very disappointed.


      LOL. And they wrote 15MB/s on the sticker. They shouldn't be allowed to put that on the sticker. It's misleading.


      yea really depends on what you want to do with the card. some for mp3 player it works well. for photography maybe not, especially if you shoot in raw. after i tried class 10 i won't go back to 4 already even though its cheap.

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      Beware that if you reformat an SD card in many OSs you will end up with lower write speeds because data writes don't line up well with the programming cells of the flash. Google "align partition sd" for more info. Newer operating systems are finally getting this right as they give up on trying to format modern HDs and memory cards as if they had 255 heads and 63 sectors on each track! Before I realised this I had some cards that I thought were very slow too…

      The absolute easiest way to check if this is a problem is to reformat the card in any major brand digital camera (i.e. with firmware written by people who care - my 2007 Canon Powershot S3 IS and Panasonic DMC-FX12 cameras get this right) and then try your write test again. The camera firmware people have been do sensible partition alignment on memory cards for many years because it makes such a difference to the usability and responsiveness of their cameras.


    Thanks OP. Just got me some.


    are sandisk ultras faster than shoppingsquare's joyflash class 10 offerings?


      I am interested to know if JoyFlash are any good. $8.95 for 16GB class 10 is very tempting.

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        I dont have these cards but if the above poster is correct in saying that they are 5.6mb's write then the joyflash should be quicker (minimum 10mb/s write)

        the 15mb/s on the sticker maybe referring to the read speed instead?

        oh and 5.6mb/s for class 4 isnt exactly slow, most of my class 4 cards are around that speed for write and around 15mb/s for read.


        hey ITVeteran.

        What part of the description do we need to clarify to make it more accurate? I think the copy is from Sandisk itself.



    What do you mean by 2 pack and 4 pack? 4 pack meanin 4x2 4GB cards?


    I love dealfox !

    Most of their deals posted here are quite good …
    If you are reading this I am looking for some micro SD cards

    and some Gillette Mach 3 repeats wouldn't be bad either :-)


      I agree, they post quick and their products are quality. Well, the SD cards at least, as that's all I've bought.


    How does this compare? From 2nds world. Its apparently class 10 although I have never heard of ARAM.



    ARAM - A-RAM 8GB SD Card, SDHC, Ultra High Speed (Supa Buy)

    Category: Home Storage & Organization, Homewares
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    Warranty: 3 Years, Max read/write speed 20MB/s (133X)/18MB/s (120X), Full HD video compatible, ECC (error correcting code) detect and correct data errors during transfer, Write protection switch to prevent accidental deleting of data


    Can someone tell me where to get the "joyflash 16GB" for $8.95 please?


    I decided to give it a try and ordered JoyFlash 16 Gb for $8.95 from here:


      This looks like a better deal. Please report back how is the quality (in term of speed and reliability) when you get it. Good luck!

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