Portfolio Transfer from Commsec to Stake

With Stake providing $3 brokerage per trade, has anyone tried transferring their Commsec or any other bank portfolio to Stake?


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    No, but I would hold off on that unless you will be saving a lot on selling, stake still has less features

  • Yep I transferred my portfolio over from Commsec to stake. Transfer was completed within 2 days. No issues at all.

    • Did you need to provide a certified copy of your ID to stake?

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        Nope nothing had to be certified. I just uploaded a picture from my phone.

    • Were you able to transfer your entire portfolio at once or do you have to provide individual stock codes to transfer?

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        You have to supply individual stock codes to transfer but you can supply them all in one transfer.

        • Did you have to pay any type of fees or anything ?
          And how does it go down ? Make an acc with stake then transfer through QR ? Have to contact commsec to close account ?

          • @phidra: Zero fees and no contact with Commsec. It was as easy as create a Stake account and then follow the steps on AUS Stock Transfers in the Stake app.

  • Usually works better the other way.

    Buy shares on Stake for the cheap brokerage then transfer to Commsec for the features.

    • I just transferred one of my holdings from Commsec to Stake and now I get 10 free trades every month for the next 12 months.

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