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nabtrade $1,000 Free Brokerage for 90 Days (New Users Only)


NabTrade are offering up to $1,000 free brokerage (valid for 90 days) for any new accounts that join between now and 15th March 2022.

To take up this limited time offer and open an nabtrade account before 5pm AEDT on Tuesday 15 March 2022.

Simply use the promo code <REMOVED> when completing your application form to have this offer applied to your account.

I have updated the URL in the deal to auto populate the promo code for you.

For anyone curious on what the brokerage fees are, they can be accessed here.

Obviously the big 4 banks aren't as cheap as some other players on the scene but some prefer to stick with the big 4 or might just want to do 90 days of day trading before moving their shares over to their preferred broker.

MOD: Received email from NAB, stating that

  • Offer is exclusive to NAB shareholders and is not for the general public
  • It would be up to NAB to review all who applied using the code

We are now marking this offer as Targeted. If you are not an NAB shareholder and did not receive the original email, this offer might not be for you.

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  • +5

    Would be nice if they give some brokerage credits to existing users.

    • +1

      If they are anything like commsec they will send you gifts if you spend a certain amount in brokerage. You don't want to know how much that is though.

      • Do you think the Morningstar Premium Research sub is worth it (assuming you have tried it before)

        • +5

          I've never tried it, but their price guides seem a load of sh*t.

          A2M for example.. atm $5.57. morningstar $8.23. Good luck with that!

          • @roozmik: You’re referring to the Morningstar Quantitative valuation. That is purely based on data with no human intervention and doesn’t factor in macro economics. It’s not the same as what you get in Morningstar premium.

        • I have used it before and I’ve found value in it but I don’t have a current subscription. It’s a useful point of reference to see what the analyst is basing their projections on and other things you may not have considered.

          I have a commsec account so get Goldman Sachs recommendations as part of it so use that instead of paying for another subscription.

        • +1

          I've never found any value in the standard Morningstar info (which is all over my online broker's site). That doesn't inspire me to try their premium product! I'd much rather read the news, form opinions, examine company reports, and back my own judgment.

  • +1

    Can we ask them to apply this promo to existing users like before?

  • +7

    Save on the brokerage, lose on the day trading ⚖️

  • I don't understand, you posted "for any new accounts that join between now and 15th March 2022" then why I have to "open an nabtrade account before 5pm AEDT on Tuesday 15 March 2022." ?

    • +1

      It's 90 days from when you open the account. Deadline to open an account is 5pm 15th March.

  • -3

    Just use FTX

  • Just fyi don't trade for the sake of a cheap brokerage fee.

    Do not over trade.

    Do not lose money.

    • If you are new, you can lose alot of money.
      Also dont read The motley fool and similar "news" sites.
      I picked some of their stocks and have lost $$$ :(

      Always do your own research

      • +1
        1. Short whatever the motley Fool says to invest in
        2. ???
        3. Profit
    • +4

      You will lose money trading, so just do opposite of what you are going to do, you will make money with that strategy, it's fool proof.

  • Called up to take the offer as an existing customer. Got approved after purchasing NAB:ASX shares

    • +1

      Wow really how many shares did you have to buy?

      • 1 would suffice, but I bought more than that

        • Test tomorrow and let us know

  • registered nabtrade today, but didnt mention using the promo code: SHA21
    and didnt offer $1000 NABTrade $1,000 Free Brokerage for 90 Days (New Users Only)

    • Did you register via the link in the deal or externally. If in this deal the URL had the promo code built in.

  • I would say a good 10% of the time their system is down and can't trade

    You lodge a complaint then then give you 1-2 free trades as hush money

  • +2

    Remember to turn off the platinum and IRESS thing which cost $$ each month.
    I had it on for several months before i realised.

    • how to turn off?

      • +1

        I think admin - settings

  • It's not worth the free brokerage to have to use the godawful interface.

    • Some companies are still stuck in the 90s

  • I got this last time - so worth it, did loads of free trades

  • +1

    This will make me feel even better about buying high and selling low!

  • -1

    big horseshoe loves anacott steel

    • It’s blue horseshoe. Sheesh.

  • Selfwealth and Stake are (by far) the cheapest brokers in the market. Not sure why you would go anywhere else.

    • +1

      opentrader is also good: $4.99 a throw.

      • +1

        Stake is currently FREE brokerage, until 2022, which then will be $3 per trade.

        SelfWealth is 9.50 per trade.

        Both CHESS sponsored. Just turns to what UI design you prefer both on desktop and mobile app. Ive also been told Stake doesnt give you market depth - which sucks.

        • Unfortunately stake don’t let you transfer your hin.

          They give you a new hin and only transfer individual shares which means having to reset up each individual share on each registry.

        • +1

          Definitely more bells and whistles with SelfWealth, and Stake is bare bones but inoffensive. I got very tired of the ratings, rankings and cartoon face "top traders" on SelfWealth.

          • @Charlie Dont Surf: Conclusion:

            Stake: much better app (cheaper too). But can be too simplistic.
            SW: better market and stock information

            • +2

              @jasecutler: Yep, something like that.

              Postscript: Create a Commsec account and use that for all your free market/depth information. Then use whatever trading broker platform you like to execute trades. (This is easier to do on a desktop.)

              • @Charlie Dont Surf: Oh hey that’s literally what I do. Commsec app is perfect. Not paying ~$20 (minimum) for a trade though

  • i got the offer last time and they took it away after a month lol…

    my one order is still sitting there praying for a fill lol

    dear Mr Powell, please raise the rates 5 times and crash the markets tonight, amen

  • "Obviously the big 4 banks aren't as cheap as some other players on the scene but some prefer to stick with the big 4 or might just want to do 90 days of day trading before moving their shares over to their preferred broker."

    Not the cheapest, but it's the overall value you get. Much better than the cheapies. Nothing to do with sticking with the big 4, which I avoid where they don't provide value.

    Not everyone has to buy a Kia just because they're the cheapest.

    • No arguments here. I was merely preempting the “but stake is cheaper” or “SelfWealth is cheaper” comments.

  • -1

    So it looks like NABtrade is CHESS sponsor. Does anyone know how long the $1000 last? Is there an expiration date on the $1000 credit?

    • It's in the title

      • +1

        yea true, sorry bro…

  • +1

    Opened an account last time when they had this offer. Was very new to trade and as usual googled a bit and had to follow Motley, wiseowl and few other sites and only lost money due to their recommendations. Turned things around after started reading useful financial news and market trends. Make informed decisions and invest, the key is always to wait and the time.

  • -1

    Good deal ofc, but this company is super shady and it's been proven in court. Simple as that.

    Use another company that's not been involved with criminal activities perhaps?

  • Where are the t&cs for this SHA21 code? I tried very hard to find but could not see it. Thanks!

    • “ To be eligible for this offer you need to have opened a new nabtrade account before 5pm AEST on Tuesday 15 March 2022, using promo code redacted. For the avoidance of doubt a new nabtrade account means an account opened by a legal entity which does not already have an existing nabtrade account. This free brokerage offer is restricted to online trades only and excludes SRN sales, mfunds and option trades. Accounts opened for Deceased Estates are also not eligible for this offer. The $1,000 free brokerage will expire 90 days from the date the account is opened, regardless of whether the $1,000 free brokerage has been used. This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offers. You will be prompted to read, understand and agree to the nabtrade Financial Services Guide and nabtrade Client Agreement when opening your account and you must satisfy the standard account opening requirements. Our standard fees and charges and account opening requirements will apply, including standard brokerage after 90 days from the date the account is opened, or once the $1,000 free brokerage is used (whichever occurs first).”

  • Seems like something wrong with my newly opened account.

    Signed up on the 15th then did my first trade today but still shows $15 brokerage fee during purchase.

    Also the cash balance is $15 lesser than what I paid for the stocks purchased.

    However the email confirmation did confirmed $0 brokerage fee charged.

    Not sure if my cash balance will be updated after settlement to refund the withheld brokerage fees?

    • Correction - Available cash balance later updated with $15 fee refunded.

      Confirmed free brokerage fee! Thanks OP.

      • Were you targeted for the offer?

        • Nope. Just signed up using the link provided by OP, the code was automatically added during registration.

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