Replacement bag for Xiaomi Viomi S9 UV Robot Vacuum

Hi ozb
I know this was a popular robovac.
I was wondering if anyone had experience with replacing the bag, is there a hack or did you just buy a replacement bag from somewhere.
Any tips tricks or suggestions welcomes.



  • Hey, I have the non-UV S9. I'm making an assumption that the bags are the same?

    I brought some cheapies off Aliexpress and had no issues. There are/were tonnes. Dug through my email and found the one I specifically bought if that helps. However I would just look for whatever is the best bargain for you. There are sellers which will sell only bags if that's all you need.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks so much. I'll look into that. I think I read of a hack using a paperclip I was interested in that :) true ozbargain :)

      • Did you end up buying anymore bags as well? Is the paper clip to dig out the dust from the bag? Thanks for your help, loving the vac :)

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