Best time of the year to install a split unit?

What is the best time of the year to install a reverse cycle air conditioner split unit? As in when is the off peak period that I can get the best deal? Is winter a good time? Or more autumn?



    Hi Sionghua, I've never really known there to be a "peak and off-peak" time for prices as far is installations are concerned.
    You might find it to be the case with buying the actual units (i.e. Harvey Norman having seasonal deals).

    But as I said, in terms if installers I don't think it varies too much.

    (Source: I'm an apprentice electrician and the people I've worked for don't change their installation prices seasonally)

    Hope that helps you!


    I've been asking around on the same topic, and the retailers told me that it won't make much difference with them or with installing, but most manufacturers run cash back or other promotions over winter. Some have started already, others will probably start in the new couple of months.


    You might not get it cheaper, but you will certainly get it done FASTER in the off-season!