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LEGO 21323 Ideas Grand Piano $429.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


It’s seems to be a good price based on OzBargain history.

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    Can someone explain to me why people drop $400 on a lego piano? Is this a collectors thing?

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      Because they're fun to build and play with for a while. Admittedly the piano feels a little niche as piano players are less common than say car enthusiasts. Also these things hold most of their value so if you buy at a solid sale price and keep the boxes you can almost always get your money out. For example, the Lego Star wars millennium Falcon is often posted here between $900-1000 which is 100% absurd to pay for a toy that's too heavy/fragile to move around much. So I kept mine for a year, had a good 40 hours of fun building it and I think i may have sold it for a profit because I got a good deal for Myer sale + discounted gift cards.

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        Ah okay, I had no idea lego retains value over time. It just seemed ridiculously expensive (to me) for a set of building blocks for kids. I can see the appeal for an older audience, but I had primarily labeled them in my mind as children toys.

        Thanks for explaining. I asked the same question about a year ago as I didn't understand the concept and also got downvoted to hell with no replies. This question seems to really offend ozbargainers lol

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          They were children toys back in the days when I was a kid.

          It seems they shifted their focus to appeal more to the adults.

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      Same reason why people wanna pay $10 000 for a rock the size of a chickpea.

  • RRP 449 from Kmart, so this deal is 4.5% off RRP, not sure if it’s a bargain

    • $529.99 on the official Lego site. So I would say that is actually RRP.

  • Nice. $15 cheaper than Amazon this week.

  • I've got this set on my shelf. It's gorgeous and can play the keys with sound through your phone (granted it just plays random keys, but still cool)

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