Cheapest Place to Get Nintendo Switch Lite

I am wanting to buy a Nintendo switch lite. Where can I get it for the best price?


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    You missed the $259 sales so it's $299 now almost everywhere. Or get used ones for $200'ish. A basic search isn't beyond your capability.

    • A basic search isn't beyond your capability.

      Are you sure?

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    Cash Converters for about $200 - higher chance of including its original box and comes with warranty (store-dependent). Even though it's second-hand, you may get lucky with an almost-mint console.

  • If you don't want a new one, check Gumtree/FB Marketplace. Should be some good options there.

  • scumtree

  • Won't be as good as those $259 deals from before but it's $299 at JB right now and if you've got gift cards it'll make it even better

  • I got a switch lite, mario maker 2, and a $30 case and screen protector, for $358 total. At JB Hifi in Belconnen in Canberra.

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