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[PC, XB1, XSX] Free DLC - 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Ugly Sweater Livery @ Forza Horizon 4 & 5 in-Game


Source: Twitter https://twitter.com/ForzaHorizon/status/1471929697634246663

This year we're keeping the ugly tradition alive! Check your inbox in #ForzaHorizon4 and #ForzaHorizon5 for a special Ugly Sweater livery on the 2016 @Dodge Viper ACR

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    Although I'm sure many would have preferred if they had fixed the broken treasure chest festival playlist challenge from last season a few days ago and the many bugged accolades.

    • I thought they might be decent people and just give everyone the reward for it but no
      Pro tip, don't play any of the game until there's a seasonal reward for doing so

      • The only thing people are missing out on with some in these bugged challenges is getting 100% for a season, which you don't need for cars that you can get.

        • That's only true if you have the spare time to complete every seasonal objective or if you don't want to deal with the people in the online modes.
          Do you honestly think it's unreasonable for them to give it away or are you bored?

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    So is it a free car? or free livery?

    • The tweet says livery.

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        Then title is wrong..

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          I thought it was just the livery too and title was wrong as per the tweet, but it does add a new car to your garage with this livery.

          In the garage the livery didn't appear for me, but when I had it delivered it had the livery on it

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            @Lucille Bluth: It's another bug. Just put some new tyres or wheels on it and it will show the livery in the garage view. Just don't paint over it as the livery isn't saved to your creative hub

    • Its a free car, car comes with the ugly sweater livery

  • What's this? It's a paint design?

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    Anyone who’s played the game before will get this gifted without taking any action.

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