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Hanging Tree Wines 2018 Blacksmiths Shiraz Cabernet, 12 Bottles $777.60 (Was $1080) Delivered @ Omgee


A well constructed wine that delivers an immediate rich plum fruit bouquet & hints of an intriguing licorice background. The palate is firm with derived ripe plum, boysenberries & blackcurrant encased in creamy vanilla oak.

You will already be purchasing these red beauties at lower than RRPs + You can unlock free delivery when your cart amount is at least $168 + A FURTHER 20% off if your cart amount exceeds $100 (enter code GOAU21 provided to activate this offer). Total savings of $302.40 off retail price

Deal is valid until 31st Dec 2021

Other specials and deals available at: https://omgee.com.au/#/shop/festive-sale

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  • This deal's image is classic.

  • Price in title

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      Roger that will include it now

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      updated! =)

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    Got any more info about this wine? Hardly any reviews on Vivino, and very limited information elsewhere.

    Given the price, I'm not sure many would take the leap on something that seems not well known.

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      Hi there mate,

      Thanks for your question! Hanging Tree Wines is in a Hunter Valley region well known for its red wines. They particularly shine in red wines and this is one of their pioneering wines lines. The Blacksmiths cottage on their site dates back to the turn of the 20th Century & is a piece of local history. The wine is named after this cottage

      The wines are made in small quantities and limited release

      Incidentally I also found this on Vivino rated at 4.5 stars here - https://www.vivino.com/HK/en/hanging-tree-blacksmith-s-shira...

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        Except all those ratings were for the 2013 vintage. And 5 years does quite a difference make.

        And one of those reviews bases it on "Winery has two lovely labs (Labradors)".

        So not seeing anything to justify the high price.

        • +2

          That, and 12 ratings for any wine is incredibly low.

          There are plenty of limited quantity, limited release wines that have plenty of ratings, so I do not buy that explanation TBH.

    • Hope this helps!

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    I wonder if people who purchase $65 wine bottles frequent this site.

    Unless the dot is mistakenly to the right by one digit.

    • I've got quite a few around that price range.

      At that price range I'm not going to take as many risks. I buy what I know is worth that price. At that price range, I tend to age them at least 8yrs, so I wouldn't want to buy a wine at that price range that is of unknown quality. And there is alot of fierce competition around that price range too.

      When it comes to quaffers, I don't care so much.

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        You said price range five times

        • +2

          I'm an Ozbargainer. Price is important to me

          • @PCHammond: Hi PCHammond,

            I appreciate your honestly and feedback on this (certainly the mark of a passionate wine lover!), this HTW line is indeed more expensive

            I will go see if I can find some more information that can address your (very legit) concerns but in the meantime we do offer other Hunter Valley wines and they're on sale too - https://omgee.com.au/#/shop/festive-sale

            Thanks for taking the time to comment =)

  • Do you sell it by the glass.

    • unfortunately not =)

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    Hard to make a call here, at $65/bottle with no significant online reviews, awards or accolades i can see why people scoff at the price. Having said that, if you know the wine, i dare say those who know will say its a great deal etc. Perhaps as the OP if you are asking people to shell out $65/bottle as a deal that there's something to back it up like a solid review (outside of Vivino) or another site perhaps. Its easy for the peanut gallery to scoff at a potential deal at this price point that can nab you many an award winning wine at similar price points.

    • I appreciate your comment, definitely Hanging Tree Wines is a more boutique, as you said, you know if you know ;).

      That said we do have other more "reasonably" priced wines that are also on offer https://omgee.com.au/#/shop/festive-sale

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    IMHO, as someone who has worked in the industry, this offer does not represent a bargain.

    To be very clear, this (and the associated wines) have virtually no track record at any of the usual wine shows, has no awards, no medals and not independent tasting notes.

    I would suggest this site and it’s pricing are targeted at the well healed who don’t know any better.

    • Thank you for your honest feedback we really do appreciate it (its how any business improves!)

      What we'll do is we'll highlight some other wines that are better suited to this audience


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