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adidas 30% off Online (Members Early Access) + Delivery ($0 with $100 Order) & in Participating Stores


Greetings all

Was just sussing out adidas website to see if they have anything on during the Christmas period. Looks like they just started this:

MEMBERS EARLY ACCESS Sign up or login to get 30% off online* & in participating stores. Discount applied at checkout.

Some are not included within the promotion. It’ll say that “the item is excluded from the promotion” before choosing the sizes.

Happy buying!

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  • Also includes Five Ten. eg Hellcat Pro for $196 delivered.

  • thanks. got the last pair of red and black ub5dna. couldn't believe it was still available in my size lol. scored an extra $30 off from afterpay referral

  • +2

    I have never understood the fascination with Yeezy's (like pictured on the adidas homepage)

    To me they just look ridiculous, and are exorbitantly expensive!! (But I suppose that's maybe why they're popular….people use them as a status symbol?)

    • they are designed by Kanye West, which means a lot to some people.

  • Beware Adidas that received my order 14 days ago and it's still sitting in "Order confirmed, waiting to be packed" (not for the first time), while my Reebok order was a week later and I already have it. They're literally under the same financial group, I don't get why Adidas is so often spectacularly late!

    • Wouldn't call 14 days "spectacularly late", at least compared to Rivers (Mosaic Brands) which somehow hasn't yet dispatched my shoes despite me ordering from them 3 months ago!

      I also suspect Adidas in Australia deals with 10x the volume of orders which Reebok does.

    • Same experience here….they took about a fortnight to send my order despite claiming to have stock when I ordered.

      The time before, they took 10 days to work out they had "insufficient stock" and then cancelled my order!

      And hope to God you don't have to return anything, their website states that refunds can take up to a month after receiving the goods back……A MONTH!?!?

      Even after a month, I had to call them 4 times to chase my refund!

      No wonder they keep holding sales…..there's NO WAY I would order off them again if things weren't significantly cheaper than retail.

  • Great Deal. Got 2 delivered for less than I would usually get 1 pair in store.

  • Great deal on the new indoor cycling shoes.
    These just came out, and are a current unlock in "Zwift"
    RRP $210
    On sale - $63
    Early access 30% off -$44.10
    Total : $102.90

  • got my order shipped already.

  • Has anyone won the yeezy raffle ??

    • yeah i won the blue tints

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