How to Get a Refund for a Speaker?


I bought a $200 bluetooth speaker this weekend from BingLee, but unfortunately won't have use for it anymore due to an event being cancelled due to the covid stuff recently.

I'm wondering, is there any way I can return it, because I'm pretty sure they will call this a change of mind return. It's not even unpacked or anything, exactly as I bought it.


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    When did you purchase it? Most shops around this time of year, despite what their policy might say, are pretty understanding of returns if they are unopened. You might get a store credit rather than a refund, but I'm pretty sure they will do something for you. Just go ask.

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    Is only $200, less than a week and is not open then they may just take it back and refund if you ask nicely, I think you have a pretty good chance. If they decline then ask for store credit.

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    Why waste time asking the wrong people?
    Seriously don't understand these silly posts.
    T&Cs are easy to find online to read yourself.
    If you think there is a chance of them allowing it out of goodwill, just bloody call them to ask or go into store and give it a try. Alternatively just flog it off and cop some loss.
    They are your only sensible options and posting a comment on OzBargain and arguing with people isn't one of them.

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      Some are completely ridiculous. It's as if they are children with childish stupid questions. Why doesn't this person simply contact the store.

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    If it's still brand new in the box, many stores will still do a change of mind return, even if their official policy is "no". They might only give you store credit though.

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    Ring them. Have you at least spoken to them.

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      They've spoken to a more relevant party in this transaction, a group of randoms in a forum.

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    You have picked the perfect time to have an unwanted, brand new item - surely there is someone you know that would love a nice Xmas present.

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    i love the fact that this post blew up, i love ozbargain & i love people asking dumb questions on it.

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    I'd just ask Bing Lee.

    Good chance they do the refund or at the very least they do store credit.

    If you're nice about it, most retailers just want to make customers happy.

  • What did they say when you asked them?

    • It’s only been 24 hours, he still haven’t called them yet.

  • if u bought with an amex cash, there are cards with returns cover.

  • All you can do is ask. Most large retailers do change of mind returns if unopened. If there's a chance you'll change your mind, shop somewhere where they accept change of mind returns.

  • Sell it on Gumtree, and play some phat-beatz to show it still in working order.

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    I'm half tempted to call Bing Lee and ask on behalf of OP. They're still open. Dafuq is OP doing?

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    Don't think I've ever run out of neg votes so quickly

  • Now if it was from ALDI…

  • Don't buy from Bing Lee next time? Cut your losses BL won't budge on change of mind returns.

  • 7.20pm OP what was the verdict ? Did you get your husband to call on your behalf

  • The amount of these type of posts is worrying for society

    • Indeed.
      1. People need to think before they do.
      2. People need to take responsibility for their own actions, and stop making their problems into other people’s problems. This includes the lack of initiative of OP and willingness to socialise his problem “before wasting <their own> time trying to return it”. Much better to waste a bunch of random’s time on the forum! Don’t want to physically go there? There is a thing called a phone which you can use to talking to people without needing to travel, if you are too lazy to look up the website and read the t&c.
      3. As entertaining as these threads are, it highlights a severe lack of problem solving skills.

      Anyway OP. What you really should have done is ask the store BEFORE purchasing if you can return if your event is cancelled for a full refund BEFORE purchasing. Do yourself a favour and start thinking a bit more… You will be much more successful at life when you do.

      Think of the $200 as money spent well learning a lesson in life. If you don’t recognise your faults then you will pay the price over and over until you have learned the lesson. No amount of posting on forums can help you with this.

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    I find it funny that as a "Starcraft mazter", OP can micromanage units, but couldn't manage to make a simple phone call to resolve a query.

    The people want answers, OP!

    • OP Last Seen 20/12/2021

      OP: I better stay away from OzB heat for a while.

  • Just go in and speak to them and be nice.

    I've had them refund an ultrawide monitor as I bought 3 but only needed 2.

    There wasn't even a negotiation, they just refunded me and I walked out.


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    Got refund in the past for both in store and online purchases.

    Sometimes simply being nice pays you back.

  • Try to get a refund or worst case exchange for something you will use or a gift card 👍


  • Customers like you suck

  • Somewhat related
    Had a friend who bought iphone 11 a while back at discounted price
    He used it for ~1mth before a better deal on the same phone came up
    He returned it (not sure how he did it) and bought the same phone at a cheaper price
    I was shocked - looks like its so common these days given so much emphasis on consumer rights

  • Any decent store would take it back with a proof of purchase if it is unused and in original packaging

  • Did you try asking the store directly rather than, you know, asking a bunch of strangers on the internet?

  • during COVID Woolworths changed their policy about change of mind returns

    to no longer refund, but only offer exchange for something else -

  • How to Get a Refund for a Speaker?

    What did the store say after you called them?

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