Prawns - Where to Buy? (SA)

Just wondering where Ozbargain people are getting their prawns this year?

Saw large King's around $47/kg this year ..ouch

Any gift card / stacking loop holes?


  • I'd probably not get them till after christmas they are all marked up
    Balmain bug, mud crab, scampi, lobster all good alternatives

    • Great alternatives, just even more expensive! haha

  • woolies - $40/kg - big and sweet

    • Tigers?? I picked up 5kg of "frozen" King prawns from Woolies once…that were "thawed for my convenience".

  • Coles does mark downs on those seafood on Xmas Eve.

  • Nope, just nope.

    Get SA King 16/20 size (so not jumbo, just King) for $27 at Romeo's Foodland. Has to be the ones with seafood. They will sell out before Xmas Eve unless you pre order
    Can get fresh for $33 but frozen on the boat is easiest IMHO.

    They also have fresh frozen SA Crays for $62kg

    • Ah nice, cheers. Any idea how to find out which ones are seafood resellers for an order?

      • Fairview Park is if you're up that way.

        Mawson Lakes should be able to as well. North Adelaide, definitely.

        Give your local a buzz and they can let you know which ones do/don't

        • Did some calling around and found one at Brighton. Apparently a fresh lot come in tomorrow.

          Just to confirm, these are frozen, not woolies thawed rubbish?

          Thanks again for the tip.

          • @tunzafun001: Yep, frozen in pre packed and weight bags - whole. 16/20 per kg (hence the size 16/20).

            The U10 size (jumbos) are $47? I think at the same place. Honestly, that's just stupid.

            • @Willowtea: Yeah beautiful. The prawnies still use prawns per pound (so 16/20 per pound, or 34/ 44 per kg). U10s (10 per pound) are about 22 per kg. Like most seafood, older has reduced flavour/ texture. So I'm happy with the medium/ large 15/20 range. Will give Romeo's a crack this year. Thanks again.

  • I saw Coles selling $54 for 2kg in VIC, not sure if it's the same for SA.

    • +1

      Cheers, but they would be Tigers or Banana prawns I would think. That being said, Coles here has no local prawns (king prawns). Hopefully not Vannemi import prawns (terrible water quality and farming practices - dredge the sea for whatever they can get, grind it up as prawn food, stuff them full of antibiotics etc).


    lots of options there … drakes are pretty awesome though …

    if you're near brighton, there's a fresh seafood in the same shopping center near the drakes …

    if you go down south road, there's a little seafood place on the left heading into town and another behind the castle plaza shopping center that are worth a look

    • Thanks. The Samtass link says it expired 16th December (but there is no new link)..Hmmm .

      Cool to know Drake's and Romeo's do them. Cheers

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