Split Air Conditioner - Installation Costs

Hi All,

Just checking what are the average costs to install a split aircon have just purchased a standard 2.5kw split to install in guest bedroom for $610 and have been quoted $900 to install ( including electrical connection)

Is this normal ?


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    Sounds about right. They will have to put a seperate circuit in and run it to the AC location. Then the install itself. From memory I paid $600 each unit for install, as the house already had the separate ac circuits installed. Also depends on difficulty of install, back to back, having to mount outside unit elsewhere etc.

    • Cost of extra circuit is negligible. I have 3 splits installed couple of years back and it was flat $500 for back to back, separate circuit is included by default, only extra if it was double storey, longer copper pipe, wall mount or roof mount (which required sump pump installation). $900 is on the high side but given the current market demand then it's the price you gotta pay.

      • $900 is on the high side but given the current market demand then it's the price you gotta pay.

        They got to be able to rob you in order to be able to rob everyone else. It is the new normal. $900 is the rate for a day's work. If it takes an electrician 1 day to put a unit in then they should serious consider taking away their licence whether due to incompetence or lack of ethics.

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          That does sound about right though, if he is doing it correctly by the books ( You hope so anyways), installation of aircon and unit running a new feed, terminating aircon and back at board, test connections, clip and secure cables. A pain in the arse especially if its 2nd storey, needs a dedicated feed and shit place to run and install.

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            @Bargain4Days: At $900 a day 197 working days a year (assume, 5 working days a week less 4 weeks annual leave and public holidays) it is $177k a year.

            Usually tradies that quote high prices are generally the ones who have no idea what they are doing because they need the buffer for their own screw ups.

            I had an electrician that wasn't a regular installer install 2 split systems in about 8-10 hours. If OP is charged $900 for one then the electrician is making $344k a year. Even if I am out by 30% the electrician is on $200k a year.

            90% of the workforce should quit their jobs get in on this!

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              @netjock: Your not even taking into account his liability insurance, tools, materials, transportation, accounting, his time and expertise on his knowledge and his profits lol, how much do you want him to charge? If its to expensive for you, get another quotes, or become an electrician yourself.

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                @Bargain4Days: If you are on $300k+ a year how much do you think the following cost?

                liability insurance, tools, materials, transportation, accounting, his time and expertise on his knowledge

                I bought the installation pieces for the aircon. Mount is $52, 20m of copper insulated pipe was $150.

                Insurance I would say is probably a few thousand lets say $5k
                Tools you'd be losing them if you spent more than $2k a year
                Materials not much in this instance - if you installed 2 units every in this case it is probably 10% I give it 20%
                Transportation a new HiLux or Ranger every 3 years would be $50k a year - like everyone pays for their ride out of their wages but not this guy
                Accounting company tax return and BAS quarterly $3k a year
                His time and expertise - like everyone who isn't on minimum wage didn't have to go to some form of training to make money

                $340k a year $68k in materials and $60k which most of it is $50k on a ute.

                Most people who went to uni don't make $150k a year.

                If its to expensive for you, get another quotes, or become an electrician yourself.

                That is my point. Get another quote. There is reasonable cost. I am just demonstrating how unreasonable your reasonable number is.

                • @netjock: The OP has not given any details on the install, regarding if its a 2nd story house, switchboard needs replacement or upgrade, brick or gyprock walls, accessibility, theres alot of variables on cost, it is not fair to say that the tradie is ripping the OP without knowing what needs to be done.

                  ""Most people who went to uni dont make $150k a year""
                  So? Just because you go to Uni doesnt mean you get an instant job that pays 150k a year. Not all Uni courses are in demand. The Electrician chose a job with alot of demand and opportunities that rewards well.

                  • @Bargain4Days: Enough said. You are just trying to weasel out of it once you see how ridiculous a $344k pa tradies sounds.

                    • @netjock: You are just making up numbers now. You are assuming alot of things with no prior knowledge nor experience on those type of works. $344k does not sound ridiculous if its just a sole trader + an apprentice or 2 with him

                      • @Bargain4Days: Now apprentices have arrived to fatten up the denominator. Genius. Before you know it an accountant ain't enough he needs to hire his wife full time at home to do book keeping with the help of two kids in primary school for 90k a year. She also needs a 80k dual cab pick up to travel between sites.

                        No wonder you need $344k as a tradie. You basically feeding 5 additional people.

      • Cost of extra circuit is negligible

        No it isn't.

        • Yes it is. If your electrician tells you that he'll charge $ extra for that separate circuit and breaker then you're ripped off, get a better one (unless your house is on old ceramic fuse, in which case you might need another to upgrade them completely).

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            @lgacb08: Of course you'll be charged to put in a breaker, run wiring to the AC unit, and fit a switch at the unit. How would that possibly be free?

    • Why on earth are they connecting multiple split AC systems to the one AC circuit? For a long, long time, best practice has always been to have each AC on its own circuit. My house was built in 2009 - two ACs installed (a 2.5kw and a 3.5kw). Both on their own circuits - I didn't need to request this, it was just done. In 2010, I had a 7.2kw installed - again on its own circuit (naturally something this size should always be on it's own circuit). I'm pretty sure the electrical installation Australian Standards have also become much tighter when the last update occurred (2018?) and I'd take a stab that in the new AS, unless the split is absolutely tiny (less than 1kw cooling capacity), own breakers would be required. I'd check the AS for you to confirm but I'm not paying hundreds for something I no longer have any use for.

      Putting more than one air con on a circuit is akin to using a double adapter in a power point - just lazy and silly. Nearly all manufacturers specify in the installation manual these days that the air con must be installed on its own dedicated circuit (otherwise no warranty). Also to comply with AS 3000:2018 (https://www.standards.org.au/engagement-events/flagship-proj...), electricians must follow manufacturer's install requirements.

    • An aircon install does not always require a separate circuit. If the electrician follows wiring rules under Australian Standard and has done the calculation of the existing circuit, then that is sufficient. Including providing a CES certificate.

  • Around $600, that's like 5 years ago.

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    700-1000 is the going rate

  • $900 to install our new 9.4kW split system 4 months ago in Sydney and got a free service for the unit at the other end of the house.

  • $650-$750 in Brisbane

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    Give us more details, single/double storey? Back to back? Old fuse board or new circuit breakers?

  • use OneFlare or HiPages, post the job and multiple businesses will give you quotes. I had mine done for about $550-600 years ago

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      600 years ago? Nice..

      • The good old days

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    I just got quoted $2539 to install a 6kw Hitachi to replace a dead Panasonic 6kw. I can buy the Hitachi for $1300 so looks like he wants at least $1200 for a few hours work.

    Queensland single story Townhouse

    • Yep, classic greedy tradie takes cover

      See my post below regarding a mob offering a $450 basic install.

  • $1700 for 3kW and installation 2 months ago.

  • If you're in the Brisbane or Gold Coast region, please check out RA Aircon & Electrical Pty Ltd. For years now, Raz has been doing a basic install (non complex job, likely single story only) for $450 which is very fair. Obviously the more pipe work needed, the price will increase but if it's literally back to back and you're not installing it on the back wall of the house (as it's got to be wired all the way back to the metre box), $550 - $600 is more than fair. It's not a complex job nor does it take that long, Anyone quoting $750 plus for a basic install is just taking the piss (covid tax).

    If you look at RA's Facebook page, they still quoted $450 for basic install back in October 2020 (see post dated 25 October 2020) and it had been that price for at least a year before that.



    • Two down votes?? Wow guys….

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        Tradies on here seeing their fat profits whither away

  • Got mine installed for around 600-650 each single story home

  • There's also a summer tax which installers will charge much more than installing in winter since everyone has the bright idea of installing an air con in summer.

    Also you get what you pay for, go with an installer with good reputation and knows what they're talking about.

  • Nope $650 was the standard back to back pricing i was quoted from about a dozen places.

    Got it done for $500 mates rates.

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