Cannot track Sony eBay order

Hi everyone,

So I bought a camera from Sony eBay store. They sent the invoice with the tracking number to me 2 days ago.
It says on the invoice and everywhere that the item is being delivered by DHL but with their tracking number, I cannot track it on DHL. I also tried with Toll, Startrack, Auspost, Courier Please, UPS, none of them work.
The item is supposed to come today so I’m a bit worried that it might not come today.
With all the reviews online regarding Sony terrible service, especially when it comes to delivering goods, I’m even more worried LOL.
Has anyone experienced this before?

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    The item is supposed to come today

    Let us know after today.

    I got headphones from them, it arrived.

    • I will.
      Were you able to track it?

  • Contact DHL and ask them - they may have some explanation also why it's not showing up on the tracking interface you're using.

    • I gave them a call. They said they don’t have it on the system.
      DHL then gave me a another number to call, and that number told me to give DHL a call.

      • Also possible that the DHL number provided by Sony on ebay is incorrect.

  • Is the number even close to a DHL tracking number or did DHL say that looks odd?

    There may have been an input error by Sony for the tracking if it is not automated.

    • They told me to try to call another number. They both said the same thing, which is nothing came up in the system

  • I had the same issue with an order I had from the Sony ebay store. They gave me a supposed DHL tracking number that didn't work in the DHL system, and a link to track it in the Sony system which didn't work either and a link in ebay which sort of worked in that it recognised I had purchased something, but not much beyond that. I ordered on Sat 18th, it said the headphones would come on Dec 30th, and even though I couldn't track anything, they turned up yesterday…. So I don't have any advice other than yeah, the tracking seems broken, but my stuff came eventually.

    • Thanks mate.
      Sony has horrible review on productreview regarding delivery lol. I was praying I wont be one if those people who had to leave 1* review

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    Sony AU doesn't use regular DHL express. They use a different system. When I had to track an order through sony I did some digging and found this is the site for tracking.

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      Yep, that site works for the tracking number I got, (which didn't work in the main DHL site)

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      legend. Thanks a lot

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    There is a whirlpool thread about it here

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    Sony do not ship with DHL they ship with DHL logistics

  • UPDATE 1: the item still hasn’t been delivered yet

    • What does the track and trace site say for your tracking number?

      • It says “Into depot” for the description. That is since 21st Dec

  • UPDATE 2: It has been delivered today.
    So for anyone who would experience this in the future, the tracking won't help much. It won't show the real time tracking, only updated when it's first logged into system, and when it's delivered. But it would be delivered eventually. Stay safe everyone

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