Cheapest Junk at Officeworks

Just browsing the officeworks website and this is probably the cheapest item on there "Collins Debden Desk Calendar Refill 2011 Side-Hole" ( for 1 cent.

Not that its anything useful or doubt anyone would buy it for a $6 shipping(syd). But not bad for a to-do list, scrap paper or toilet paper if you intend to buy something and want to round off your total price.


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    says out of stock for me.

    You can usually always find stuff like this in the various clearance sections.

    (some people even post them as bargains, it doesnt end well)


    There used to be a code you could put in to the search bar there that would show all the clearance items.



      I used to get heaps of cheap stuff from OW site.

      The guy at my local store that works around the back dock said he has picked up things like
      Panasonic Digital cameras for $7.50

      They don't hesitate to keep halving the price.

      Wish other stores would do the same.


      just google OW clearance, in the categories section, control-F, and type clearance.

      There are a bunch of types (clearance furniture, clearance Office stuff etc etc)


    $4 webcam at noble park!


    how can you sort the different categories?


      type the word "clearance" into the search box and then when the results come in they will be able to be segregated via the menu on the left hand side by catagory


    everything is out of stock..