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12 Nights of Wine $29, Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery $60 C&C (+ $10 Delivery with $30 Spend) @ BWS


Available through click and collect on their website etc.

Limited stocks not at all stores.

$60 Johnnie Walker is only at some stores, others are $100

I am not sure how long the 10% cash rewards is available, but worth using :)

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  • Thanks. Got an order with JW.

  • i think the wine is Oos

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      Set your store first

      • Thanks, I think i’ve had too much wine already.

  • Any idea what's in the wine box….? Trash? Worth a punt?

    • Tiny bottles of wine, maybe 2.5-3 bottles worth…. it's thought that counts

      • True. Good value if its decent wine though. Im not optimistic though…

        • Check a couple posts below, seems well worth it then.

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    It's already written in the product details, but in case anyone missed it, the wine comes in:

    9x187ml & 3x250ml

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    Just bought the wine box, it's a decent selection, not cheap crap. Examples include Cat amongst the Pigeons Pinot Grigio, Brown Brothers Prosecco. Basically, wine that costs $20-$30 a bottle.

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    It looks like Dan Murphy's have matched the whisky 12 days $60 price

    • Couldn't find it on their website

  • Thanks OP. BWS keeps showing as unavailable and tried everything. Was able to order from Dan's, thanks Natt. But only 1 limit.
    Now just need to schedule some time and maybe a friend or two for a night of comparing JW labels. Shame it doesn't include my favorite JW Green. Would have much preferred that in place of red. So will just have to add myself to the mix. Might even have enough for 3 to 4 people.
    Ought to make for a good night.

  • Thanks OP got one from Dans.

  • Thanks got one.

    The 18yo was the standout.

    • Better than the blue? Asking out of sheer curiosity as I have not tried either.

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        Yep. All the others just taste like your standard JW blend, with various levels of smoothness. It's worth noting I'm not the biggest fan of peated whisky, and the 18yo is much sweeter and less peated than the others.

        For me blue was just a smoother version of red. Nothing special at all.

        • The blue is not worth the price tag, but it is the most complex of all 6 drams offered.

          It is OK value i guess if you break it down by dollars per drink. But apart from the 18yo and Blue the others are not great so you essentially are enjoying 4 drams for $60.

  • ive just checked but in VIC, there is very little stock, but a few regional/metro store has it for $50 each

    very decent deal if you can pick it up for $50

    combined with 10% off via SB brings it down to $45

  • JW 12 offer shows as at $50 at Casula NSW

  • Wine box now $20. And plenty around

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      I've had a few, they're very average.

  • Wow. The JW box doesn't even include the 15yo.

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    wine box now $15

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