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Brilliant Premium Annual Subscription TRY₺40/Month (~A$5/Month) - Turkey VPN Required


I haven’t purchased to try yet but thought it’d be useful for people who wanted to sign up to Brilliant Premium without paying $12 a month that they could try this method first. Use a Turkish VPN and it’ll show 40 Turkish lira which equates to under $5 a month for annual sub.

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    Reviews seem to say the experience has really dropped since July 2021 when they removed the community forum features. Many reviews also say it does not give enough instruction nor enough practice on an item before moving on. I was about to pull the trigger and purchase on this, but many fans of it are not anymore. Maybe a month trial would be a test the waters approach. One review kept saying how much better Khan Academy is. To be fair, I have tried neither option, just read reviews.

    • I’d recommend trying the free tier and trying out the daily challenges to see if it’s beneficial. I enjoyed the free daily challenges. Khan Academy is awesome but they’re videos explaining the problem/solution whereas Brilliant is more hands on with puzzles and stuff.

  • Thanks OP.

    Got one year, it looks useful.

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