Is This Dell XPS 8940 PC Any Good?

Hi all, I've no idea about computers at all, we have a 4 year old all in one PC.

My wife has installed a work program on it and now it takes forever to start and is very slow

So I was looking on Dell eBay and with the 20% off sale this PC is around $1500 with the 20% off discount.

Is there a better PC at this price?

Other than my wife's work program I would love to play GTA 5 and Number 6 when it is released

Would this computer play these games as well

Thank you for your help with this


  • It's a fine system. Only issue is that at $1499 it's still kind of overpriced as you're getting a previous generation graphics card (1660ti).

    This build is cheaper and will give you better gaming performance.

    • But for people who has no idea on pc, brand pc would have better tech support.

      • And does it come with windows or is that extra

  • Thank you for your reply

    Do you think that they will will both play gta 5 and 6 (when it comes out)

    • Both will run GTA 5 no problem. The game is kinda well optimised.

      Hard to tell whether these rigs will run GTA 6 (whenever that gets released lol) as it depends on how graphically intensive Rockstar makes the game and how well ported/optimised for PC. However, 3060 build is definitely more future proof for the price.

      Whenever Rockstar releases GTA 6 hopefully it isn't as horrible as the trilogy remaster.

  • +1

    Thank you everyone I'm very greatful
    I bought the Dell, our current all in one is a Dell and when it first arrived there were a few problems with it
    Dell remoted in and sent replacements out with no problems at all.

    We are not into games etc (except GTA) so hopefully this meets our needs for the next few years

  • Go the 3060ti from this deal here for $1550 way better gpu and components

    • Thank you

      In that case I will cancel the Dell order and buy this one

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