expired XBOX 360 - 4GB Console $167.97 (WOW Sight and Sound)


Picked this up from Fyshwick in Canberra. Unsure if it's the same at the other stores.

I've been waiting a while for these prices to come back. The WOW closing sale has been pretty crap so far, but I jumped at the chance to grab this. As per usual pick up a hard drive from ozgameshop or the like for $70 and you have your 250gb Xbox for $223.

Edit: Foolishly I didn't check when I bought this whether they were also selling hard drives. Went back today, they had one 320Gb drive (inc Lego Star Wars III) left for $96.60. I picked that up, you get the $30 cashback and that leaves a 320Gb Xbox with one free game for $167.97 + $96.60 - $30 = $234.57. I'm happy with that.

WOW Sight & Sound

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