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Kellogg's Coco Pops Chocolatey Breakfast Cereal 650g $3.19 ($2.87 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Good price, less than half price.

Features & details

Delicious breakfast cereal with grains of puffed rice and real cocoa.
Just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy
Tasty breakfast treat that kids have loved for generations
Source of calcium, iron and vitamins
Enjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle

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  • +3

    Do these contain much sugar?

    • +16

      Never mind, it’s only 87.4% sugar.

    • +3

      Not as much as you do

      • +5

        That’s sweet of you.

        • 🤦‍♂️

        • +3

          jv you’ve done it again!

    • Keep the Australian sugar industry kicking!

      • +9

        They lobbied well with this having 2 stars :)

    • +2

      Appears to be 32.4g per 100g serve judging by the health star label on the box, so it is a lot though not the 87.4% you've suggested.

      • +4

        Carbohydrates break down into sugar once digested, the label states 87.4g carbs per 100g serve so while there is only 32.4g of sugar per 100g in the actual box, it's a whole load of carbs that convert to sugar later

        • Dang, my dry pasta is 77% "sugar" then. My bread is probably similar.

          Somebody should publish a paper on this!

          Or let's go further - doesn't it convert to fat in your body at some stage? Since I don't excercise, the nutritional labels should be stating the (future) fats only.

          • +2

            @pizzaguy: Yep your pasta is full of carbs which will convert to sugar, depending what type of pasta you buy will determine how fast it is converted. Complex carbs (whole grains including husk) take longer to break down than refined or simple carbs (found in things like white bread) due to the extra fiber in the whole grain. Complex carbs are not so bad as they release sugar slowly but refined sugar is fast acting and can cause a spike your sugar levels (and a shock to your body). I believe excess carbs can be converted to fats but im not an expert on the process.

      • +1

        not the 87.4% you've suggested.

        Sure, if you leave them in the box.

        If you eat then though, they are all sugars.

  • +5


    • +1

      yummy junk

  • I haven't used Amazon subscription before. If I sign up, does it "lock in" this price or does the price keep changing each time?

    • +1

      It changes, you get 10% of whatever the current cost is.

      I didn't read the fine print last time and signed up for some dog food monthly only to find out on three first month it was more.

      Was very easy to manage though, can easily skip months or cancel completely.

    • +1

      The subsequent reorders will be at whatever the market price is (likely much higher) so best to cancel after receiving to prevent a price shock.

  • Just cancel the subscription once you've received your items

  • You hate this because it's unhealthy

    I hate this because it tastes like shit

    We are not the same

  • +1

    Miss the white chocolate version of this

    • I had no idea they'd been discontinued.

    • We have like 3 unopened boxes cuz they taste like bum

  • +1

    Kellogg's and Amazon in one post. With all the hate these two companies are getting at the moment, I am surprised this post doesn't have a ton of downvotes.

    • +1

      Just needs Nestles and we're all set

  • Thanks op. This works out nearly half the price of Costco.

  • +2

    Greatest heath cerial kown to person kind. An absolute baragin… until you put it into your body :-) LOL

  • Hmm….can I eat these for lunch and dinner. Where can I buy lunch cereal and dinner cereal.

  • It's just like a chocolate milkshake.

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