Google One Store Credit - Didn't Receive My Credit

Hello all!

I recently purchased a Pixel 6 (non-pro) from the Google Store - I signed up for a 2tb Google One membership prior to purchase and received confirmation on my order (and via email) that I had earned $99.90 on my purchase.

Unfortunately, I was not aware of the terms and conditions prior and did not realise that I needed to be an active Google One member at the 30 day mark (i.e. needed to pay for 2 months). I cancelled before the 30 day mark and for this reason I believe my credit has not been delivered.

I've already emailed Google Support and they've raised it with their specialist department but I am still waiting (>2 weeks) for a response. Does anyone have experience with this? If I re-activate my Google One membership, is it possible that the credit I earned can be re-credited? Otherwise, do you think there may be any recourse?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Google are automated, no chance on a resolution :/
    Should have signed up via phone for 3 months free once you had it :P

    • Can you explain the phone 3 month free thing?

      • Open the Google One app on any new Pixel phone and there is an offer for 3 months free (think it's just the 100GB plan, but didn't fully check) ;)

  • Don't think much u can do. Lesson learned for nxt time

    • Harsh but fair. I like it.

  • When did you buy it? It could just be taking a long time.

    I bought my Pixel 6 and received the $100 credit promotion portion pretty quickly. However the Google One credit came a couple weeks later than the promotional credit so in total it was nearly 2 months before I saw the credit enter my account. My situation differs in that I haven’t unsubscribed to Google One yet so might not be helpful.

    It may well just be lost forever though..

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