Where to Get a RWC in Melbourne?

Looking for recommendations for places to get a RWC in Melbourne that are honest and reasonably priced.

Preferably more lenient if possible, and located in the south-east areas.



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    Preferably more lenient if possible

    That's not going to happen. Things have changed.

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    Wants someone 'honest'

    Also wants someone who is 'more lenient'


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      Yeah paradoxical reading it again haha.

      What I mean is someone that isn't going to make a bunch of s**t up.

      • The Roadworthy Guy in Mornington is an honest old guy who doesn't even do repairs so there's no reason to make anything up.

        • Thanks I'll check it out.

          The google reviews look stellar.

    • Have your cake and eat it too.

  • Can buy RWC via ASX or NASDAQ …
    Can also see RWC in France in 2023 …
    Can get RWC from any mechanic ..
    Can get into the RWC course via Surf Life Saving …
    Can also get home warranties via RWC …
    Can attend the RWC conference online in Amsterdam …
    Can find the RWC trucking group in many US states …
    Can also get RWC building products from most suppliers …
    That should cover most of it ;)

  • Got one from Rapid Tune Cranny few weeks ago for daughters Lancer I bought her.
    No hassles, no bullshit, standard price

  • Are you selling the car or is it for yourself?

    • Nah this is for buying a car without a RWC.

  • I would go to mycar. Owned by Kmart / a corporation.


    They in my experience don't try and upsell as they are just trying to get through the day. Around $179 last i checked.

    Which compared to other states is a ripoff. Just goes to show what a s-hole Vic has become. I would argue the cars here aren't much safer either, as the inspections happen once — unless you sell the car.

    Yes, they have to take photos and take the wheels off etc, but still…

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        Okay thanks for the correction. In any case a large corporation that generally does things to a reasonable standard.

        • Aren't they franchised?

          • @JIMB0: No they are centrally owned.

            “ Mycar, like Kmart Tyre and Auto Services before it, is the largest single employer of apprentice motor mechanics in Australia, with over 1,300 employees nationwide. ”

  • Just go to a place near you. DO NOT get them to complete all work at the time of the inspection. Make sure that any work they recommend is actually required for the RWC and not just to make the car ‘better’. Get a second opinion if major repairs are ‘required’

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