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Hey All,

I've been thinking of run commuting instead of driving. Would probably start one way to begin with since the commute is about 11-12km. The other option is to drive halfway then run.

I was wondering if any other ozbargainers run commute and have suggestions regarding gear (back pack, clothes etc) and general tips.

I'll probably get a cycling or trail running backpack.

I have showers and change rooms at works which is super helpful.


Edit: I should say i run about 10km on most days so want to try get the training in but save bit of time if that makes sense.


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    • Ya

    • Pack your clothes for most of the week one day a week and leave at work. Change towels every week. Maintain two lots of toiletries, one set for work and one for home. Allow for inclement weather.

      • This - I drop past the office on a weekend whilst shopping, pick up my clothes to launder and drop a fresh kit of clothes off.

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    bike it m8

    you really wanna run when its like 30+ outside on your way home

    • I run anyways. Should have mentioned that i run about 10-15km on most days. So this would just be trying to save time. (Avoid the 1/2-1hr drive and get the 1 hour run i would have done anyways)

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    Nipple tape is a must. Most people give up this idea pretty quick so don't invest too much into gear. A bicycle would be a better option.

    • It depends on individual I think. But once you experience nipple tear then you will get nippy tape for sure :)

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    I used to do this. What worked for me was keeping some clothes and shoes at work, so that I wasn't having to carry stuff.

    On days when I drove would bring clothes to and from work to redress the balance and take stuff home for washing

  • Hi,

    Have you looked at Uber Pool?

    • Hmm interesting. Will look into this

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    you can do it pretty easily, just leave your work shoes / clothe at the office and have a place to store your stinky running kit at work.

    i guess also stay clear away from the main roads because of the exhaust / pollution etc…

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      because of exhaust

      I dont fart that much when i run. 😜

      Can probably get a locker for stinky clothea


      • You’ll want somewhere to hang your morning run gear to dry enough to put on for the return trip. If it stays damp all day it is NOT pleasant to put back on again. If it’s dry, it’ll smell a bit but generally not too bad.

        • yeah. Was wondering whether i would need a second pair of clothes for the return.

  • I know jogging keeps you healthy and all, but at what cost ?!

    • more training for amateur races rather than health

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    A baseball cap is useful to keep rain off your face and to keep the sun out of your eyes.
    Not a problem at the moment, but in the winter, you might be starting or finishing when it's dark. Try to get stuff with retroreflective strips so you can be seen by cars (and bicycles).
    You might get chafing between your legs - nappy rash cream (Sudocrem) is good for dealing with it - some people swear by vaseline.
    Be careful running alongside stationary traffic in the city, passengers sometimes fling doors open and you can run straight into them. Be careful crossing one-way streets, couriers on bikes often ride against the traffic.
    Check the weather radar before you set off to see if you will cop a drenching on the way.
    Absolutely brilliant idea, OP, to bring your exercise/training into your daily schedule.

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    I’ve run to work once. I set it up so everything was at work the previous day so I didn’t need anything much in a backpack, just keys, wallet.

    Much rather cycle so I can carry extra gear. I used to go heavy on Monday morning with a week’s worth of shirts to store in my locker so I could go light on other days and ride further for extra fitness.

    If you can, drive/cycle in semi regularly and top up clothes/lunch etc so you don’t have to carry as much on your back.

    Don’t forget to allow cool down time before you shower, otherwise you’ll keep sweating afterwards. I used to need 10-15min before showering depending on how much effort I used cycling.

  • You could drive in and run home, then next day run in and drive home. Could also add a push bike into the mix so that you can run one way five days a week without having to leave the car at work on Friday.

  • Planning ahead is paramount I think. When I ran home I would only have my mobile and keys (sometimes with wallet - with a waist bag).
    leaving sweaty clothes in the office could be a problem, as some colleagues could complain… ask your office admin the best place to leave them

  • dont trip

    • Lsd trip?

  • What I do is leave all my work clothes for the week, undies and toiletries in the lockers in the change room at work. That way all I run into work with is my wallet, mobile and keys in a tiny runners backpack. I then either walk home at night or get the train.

    I also cycle into work so replenish the work gear on those days.

  • I used to do this for the same reasons as you, getting the training in and saving commuting time (10-11k). Although I would only do it one way and get PT home, I would usually run into work because you are less inclined to make an excuse if you have a shitty day at work. And morning time is cooler for running

    I have a OMM 15L running backpack and I could fit a folded up pants, shirt and shoes in there along with the other bits you need. Fold them properly or get non iron shirts and you can get away not ironing as well

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