Hyundai Ioniq 5 or Tesla Model 3?

Hopping onto the EV train and need some advice on which car to get. I am a fan of Hyundai cars and how far they have come, even the family has stopped buying Japanese cars because of how good value for money and quality Korean cars are these days. The V2L capability is a bonus though I don’t think it is really a major factor.

Tesla looks to be more future thinking in terms of its autonomous driving and multimedia system. Quality has been an issue from what I’ve heard and seen, has anyone experienced different with their recent deliveries?

Let me know what you think by voting in the poll and/or commenting. I really am indecisive and don’t have a gut feeling towards either one lol.

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    Hyundai Ioniq 5
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    Tesla Model 3


    • +13

      I mean you're not wrong.

      Heaps of potential bang.. and not the good kind that happens in a bus.

      • There's two puns in that comment

    • Maybe next gen. I have driven most EV's but the MG just beats the Leaf in being a joke.

      • MG Europe has now revealed a little more detail on the MY22 version.
        MG Australia offer an insight into its local launch plan once it gets stock sent our way.
        The current plan, it says, is to offer both batteries.
        The Standard Range (320km) with 51kWh energy content, and the Long Range (440km) with 72kWh.

      • +3

        But the king of the joke EVs will always be the Mazda ev.

        1/2 the range for all of the price, who wouldn't want one.

        • +1

          Annoys me that Mazda make (IMO) the best combustion cars but seem to be actively resisting any trend towards EVs. At this rate they’ll be the next Kodak.

      • +1

        Wow the leaf is crazy expensive for what it is. For some reason I've always had it in my head as a ~$35-40k car and thought it was a decent option at that price range, but just saw that the actual price is $53-65k.

        • Yeah its a joke EV. Not even actively cooled, the batteries die very quickly.

    • The range on that thing makes it virtually unusable.

      • 320km not enough ?

        • For some people's commutes, definitely

    • MG Marvel R: sorry not in line for what JC calles "Shittsville"!!

  • +5

    The Ioniq 5 is a great car but …
    - Poor availability, as mentioned above there are few coming in to Australia and they sell out quickly
    - They are only selling their higher end longer range version in Australia at the moment, which starts at $77k. Might not be an issue if you're comparing to the Model 3 long range ($75k) but you're not going to find better bang for buck than the Model 3 entry level version ($62k)

    Also the Model 3 is a sedan whereas Ioniq 5 is a hatch. The Ioniq 5 is often most compared to the Model Y, but we aren't going to see that in Australia for 6-12 months.

    • -3
      • Poor availability

      pro tip; tesla's availability is also terrible

      • I received my car Nov 2021, only waited 1 month. Which makes it the quickest way to get a new car in OZ.

      • +1

        I received 3 days after order, they match unsettled vehicles to future orders, most of my friends gets way before the estimation.

        • they match unsettled vehicles to future orders, most of my friends gets way before the estimation.

          this tells me a different story that people back off from their orders for whatever reason.

          • @nsuinteger: There’s plenty of reasons. Some of which include not wanting the vehicle because of problems with the vehicle. I’d imagine lots are more like change of mind or hands of financial situation. Probably plenty of people putting in orders for several vehicles and getting the first one that is delivered.

          • @nsuinteger: It was only a $100 deposit for placing an order, many do that to reserve a vehicle/prevent price raising.

            • @Meovel: hmm didnt know it was that low deposit for a tesla :-)

      • Their non model 3 availability seems terrible but there seems to be more excess model 3’s than most other cars.

        But yes, the Ioniq 5 really sits between the model Y and X. The Model 3 is the out of favour sedan style while the Ioniq 5 is an SUV. It’s like comparing a Mazda CX-5 to a Toyota Corolla.

      • Have you tried to order either?

      • What? You can go to the Tesla website and order a Model 3 right now, and it will be here in 4-5 months:

    • +1

      The Ioniq LR is not really comparable to the M3 LR if you care about range. Bjorn Nyland did his now famous range test and found it gets 133km less range than the M3 LR:

      289km vs 422km @ 120km/h.

    • -3

      Why would you pick a Polestar? It's based on an Ice car, so it's too heavy and has a transmission tunnel, it's small inside, it has shitty range despite their misleading advertisements, and the base model is front wheel drive. The only thing I like about it is the operating system.

      • Front wheel drive won't change much in typical EV scenarios. If anything it's an advantage.

        • It's absolutely not an advantage. It just give your torque steer and shit handling.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser100949: I imagine your typical EV owner doesnt know what that is nor does he care.

            Further I would beleive electronics would smooth all that out.

              • +5

                @pegaxs: One of Teslas biggest problems… one of many… is that they always need a 'talking point'.

                They need a pile of bullshit gimmicks to get their cars into the internet meme zeitgeist (if you dont know that is gfy)…. they need Plaid, they need a steering wheel from Knight Rider, they need Falcon doors, they need a $10,000 self drive shit that is just an enrolment of your safety into their beta drive program. Lets put a damn screen in the center but we dont know what a HUD is….

                They need to make a car with 1,000hp that does quarter miles in 8 secs and does 155mph terminal velocity but they dont give you the brakes to suit.

                I'm of the opposite as far as aesthetics goes… I think just about every EV other the that's not Tesla is an ugly George Jetson thing.

                Teslas actually are conservative looking cars that I could live with on a pure day to day. It makes sense. Tesla poached designers from Jaguar, Mazda etc.

                There's no fycken way I could live with any Asian EV.

                And tbf to Tesla, 3rd party testing shows they do hit their range figures. Sad that no one else seems to.

              • -1

                @pegaxs: Yes, I'm sure the most accepted performance metric for all cars, (0-60mph/100kmh) is now suddenly bullshit.

                I'm not sure you understand much about open diffs if you think they are able to engineer torque steer out. The Ioniq 5 has many positive attributes, but handling and suspension set up are not two positive elements of this car. In front wheel drive form it's even worse. And since when is Hyundai a premium brand?

                  • @pegaxs: If it's your job to understand open diffs, and you think that any efforts to remove torque steer have actually worked properly, might is suggets another career?

                    I'd say Polestar is premium, but it's a flawed car and obviously inferior to the Model 3. The only reason someone would buy one is out of resentment and spite, something you seem to be full of.

                    And since when have the brakes on the Model S been insufficient? It's a road car. If you're talking about the Plaid, it brakes in the same distance from 100kmh as the Porsche Taycan Turbo S. Are the brakes on the Porsche inadequate too? If you want to take the car to the track, you can option the carbon ceramics (just like the Taycan).

                    • @DisabledUser100949: Coming from three Model S Tesla P's with Ludicrous+, I'd have to disagree with you on a few things. Anyway, Model 3 Performance doesn't quite cut it for me, doesn't have the same G force and strangely it understeers more despite the lighter weight. I'm not sure about the base rear-wheel drive Model 3.

                      • @ass3ts: You're disagreeing with me on a few things but naming none of them. Interesting.

  • Where is the Renault guy when you need him most?

    • +22

      Out of reception waiting for the tow truck.

    • +4

      Peugeot guy… it's most definitely "Peugeot" guy…

      That's what the world needs, is a vehicle manufacturer known for electrical issues to be making cars that… well, rely in electricity.

      • Putain!! Getting my French automobile manufacturers mixed up. Peugeot guy - that's the one.

        • +2

          at least renault have nissan to fall back on

          peugeot is a stellantis mess which the basket case of world motoring:

          Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citroën, Dodge, DS, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot, Ram and Vauxhall

          • @tonyjzx: But group them all together and you have a AAA rated automotive company. Just like an ETF.

            I think that's how it works…

          • @tonyjzx: The Ram is the only one still popular in the US. Not everybody will buy the Hummer even Mary got thanked for already having electrifeid the US.

    • +1

      Catching the bus because it is a better alternative to driving :-)

  • Mach-E

    • Unavailable.

  • +12

    I dunno man, Musk is a bit of a douche

    • +4

      a "bit" ?? Understatement of the century. He is literally the Steve Jobs of cars.

    • +1

      What about all the other automotive CEOs? The general population probably doesn't know who they are, and that's the way they like it.

    • +1


    • Lol any specific reason?

    • +1

      A douche for revolutionising Online payment, space, ev and solar industry all at the same time, whilst making billions trolling the media and the share market, and knowing all the science behind his products inside out more than the engineers working for him? Sure I guess We need more douchebags in this world!

      • I like Musk for his personality and great business achievements, but I'm not that convinced of his technical ability. Check out thunderf00t on YouTube

        • Musk sceptics are silly. Most of them whinge about an issue most companies make, yet aren't able to establish a uniform vision that makes others envious enough to follow. Can't please everyone even if you have good intentions what a joke people are sometimes.

  • +4

    Buy the one you like the feel/look/vibe of. If you become a Tesla owner you’ll become a Tesla owner. If you buy the Hyundai, you are a car owner.

    • +14

      And the Tesla owner will tell everyone about it

      “How was your Christmas break?”
      “Bought a Tesla”

      “Hi Sir, how are you?”
      “Good thanks because I have a Tesla”

      • Just like an Iphone.
        You dont buy a mobile phone like all the androids.You buy a "Iphone"

        • +1

          If you're the type that goes out to the meat market you'll need a iPhone. You'll get judged when you ask for contact deets.

      • +1

        And many will get customised number plates that will tell you why their car is soooo cool.

  • Can someone please name this person?

    • +2

      Hyundai Motor CEO Chang Jae-hoon

      What about him? My neighbours sister knows him.

      • Impressive, most impressive

  • +9

    The Tesla SR+ has way better performance, slightly better range, handles better, has better infotainment and software/hardware integration, has a supercharger network, and is $17k cheaper with incentives. If you get the same priced Tesla LR, you get even better performance (0-100 in 4.2) a huge range advantage, faster charging (despite Hyundai's bullshit claims about 350kw charging- not possible), and all of the above. For me its an easy decision. If the Hyundai came in at 60k, with comparable performance (0-100 in 5ish) then it might be an option (personally wouldn't choose it for software/hardware integration and looks, but that's subjective).

    Its just way too expensive at 77k for the specs.

    • +9

      Hyundai has Carplay / Android Auto whereas Tesla does not. I think it is a plus for Hyundai actually.

      • Having had both, I'd say Tesla OS is generally superior to carplay/Android auto.

        • +3

          That's your experience. Does not mean that it is a plus that Tesla does not offer Carplay/AA. There is no downside in offering an alternative like Hyundai and other car manufacturers do.

          • -2

            @verio: Well there is, the licensing costs are passed onto the consumer. Why do you think there is a 17k price difference despite inferior mechanical packaging?

            • +8

              @DisabledUser100949: There is no licensing cost for Carplay/AA. Any other arguments or it is a religious aspect for you?

        • +1

          Does Tesla OS have Waze?

          • -2

            @Nalar: No, but it uses the same google traffic data on it's maps. V11 operating system has just opened up the possibility of user installed apps, so it's likely coming. You used to be able to access waze through the web browser, but ADR meant that the browser is not available while moving.

            • @DisabledUser100949: Even with the traffic data share, Waze is the superior navigator. Can't imagine Tesla OS as a platform when there's still more money to be squeezed with subscriptions and add ons.

              • @Nalar: There's pros and cons on using Waze/Google Maps vs Tesla Maps (which I think is based on GMaps anyway). For longer drives, Tesla Maps is probably better due to automatic routing via superchargers. For everyday, shorter drives, Gmaps/Waze is probably better due to traffic updates/speed camera updates that make a difference when driving in a city/suburban environment.

    • +4

      Tesla SR+ has way better performance

      I can’t imagine it having more that a bit better performance and the difference is unlikely to be of any use in the real world, except in the local pissing contest when trying to impress fandoms on the internet.

      • +3

        It's not something you imagine or have an opinion on. It's facts, numbers, non debatables.

        0-100kmh in 7.4 seconds is a slow car these days.

        These Model 3 SR+ does it in 5.6 officially, but it actually has the performance motor in the LFP battery and its more like 4.9.

        • +5

          0-100kmh in 7.4 seconds is a slow car these days.

          What a load of twaddle. It’s only slow in poser land and has no use (or place) in normal road traffic.

          I’ve said it before, my slow old diesel ute is plenty fast enough in regular traffic.

          • -7

            @Euphemistic: Those who know, know.

          • @Euphemistic: You're not the target demographic

          • +2

            @Euphemistic: Your argument is like saying one only needs a bluetooth speaker (cause you own one) to listen to music and everything else in hifi that is more expensive is a waste.

            And you haven’t even tried the better hifi.

            • -2

              @t0by: And your argument is now like saying I have to have expensive hifi even though I only listen to music when I’m jogging or cleaning, never seated perfectly between the expensive speakers in a dedicated lounge.

              My point is that many people don’t need ‘the fastest car’ because they only ever drive in commuter traffic. Having a car that is ‘almost as quick’ is even wastes on them.

              Complaining that a car is ‘too slow’ because it’s 1% slower is just ridiculous.

              • @Euphemistic: No, my argument is why are you talking about Tesla performance and throwing out 1% figures and your opinion when you never driven one?

                • @t0by: Further back someone said the Tesla has way better performance alluding to a better 0-100 time. A car is more than just its 0-100 time, especially when in normal traffic a 0-100 time of 10s is still quick.

                  It’s the internet. You are supposed to argue.

                  • @Euphemistic: 0-100 in 10 seconds is not quick in any circumstances. You're deluded.

                    • @DisabledUser100949: It’s quick enough in normal commuter traffic. Try reading in context

                      • -1

                        @Euphemistic: Try reading. Not quick in any circumstances. Step out of 1955 grandpa.

        • Hey, MIC SR+ with LFP battery owner here. Mine is definitely not 4.9 0-100. Where did you get this idea?

          • @Arigato: Timing mine on a 100% charge.

              • @Arigato: Mash it with warm tyres on a good surface. Can't brake boost anyway. You can turn off the TC with slip start (or turn it right off if you're game).

                • @DisabledUser100949: How are you timing it?

                  • @Arigato: Just phone app, no real timing gear. Seems accurate enough. That being said, the real performance of a Model 3 SR+ isn't 0-100, it's 60-120kmh. It's artificially hobbled below 60kmh. Esp if you have the performance motor (some LFP came with the 980 motor).

      • +1

        heres the problem with that line of thinking…

        the market has shown that if you want to sell a car, then a legitimate way of selling it is to make it a quasi performance car

        it doesnt have to be a 'real' performance car… look at BMW M-Sport or Audi S-line or whatever

        even old farts like my dad wants to believe they're driving a 'sporty' model over something that plainly isnt

        so Tesla were smart enough to give the impression their cars are fast and sporty, when they maybe not

        so everyone else is trying to sell an EV as an EV only and they're wondering why they're fycking up?

        you can sell a dull car to dull people

        or you can sell a dull car in a pretty dress and you're going to expand your potential market, to dull people and to people who want to pretend they're driving a sporty car

        its a trick as old as time… look at the Falcon S-pack and Falcon XR6 n/a…

        • the market has shown that if you want to sell a car, then a legitimate way of selling it is to make it a quasi performance car

          Yup. The marketing people love those that get suckered in to ‘have to have’ performance that is completely unnecessary.

          The vast majority of drivers would be happy with 20yo corolla performance and features (phone connectivity aside). They’ve just been spun a line to make them think that all the extras are really ‘essential’

          • @Euphemistic: thats capitalism and marketing

            i have no issue with it, this is the economic system we're born to

            the alternative is to drive a Lada Niva in white or grey

            men and woman want to pretend they're young teens in their dad's sport cars when they're really middle aged office drones in a Camry Sportivo

            • +2

              @tonyjzx: I don’t have an issue with it per se, but when suckers get carried away with X is 0.5% faster than Y so you have to get X it gets ridiculous. Particularly ridiculous when you consider that using more than half the available power gets you above the speed limit too fast anyway.

              • +2

                @Euphemistic: Exactly. If you followed their logic there would only be one car sold - the absolute fastest - because clearly customers don't value ANYTHING else /s

                • +2

                  @lunchbox99: I dont beleive that at all. There's always going to be halo cars like the Plaid.

                  As a performance enthusiast I think these numbers matter to me.

                  I personally dont care about the 4.7 secs 0-100 in the LR… because I dont see the utility in paying the cost difference.

                  However I do care if I'm buying an EV and it lags down to 7.5 or worse etc.

                  If you dont care about performance then buy a car that does in greater than 10 secs.

                  Also it seems that for some people its an issue when Tesla makes a car that does 0-100 in 5 secs and gets up to the speed limit "so fast".

                  And yet they're strangely silent about AMG or BMW M or Falcodore V8s or Hyundai N… I wonder??? Hmmm… why?

                  • +1

                    @tonyjzx: So you either buy the fastest car available or you must buy one that does 10s+. Genius logic.

                    The ionic is a 100kw car. It's not designed to be a performance vehicle. Why is this so hard to understand. Do you also wonder why the Corolla is the top selling car in the world despite not being a performance vehicle?

                    I'm not saying OP should get an ionic over a Tesla but it's moronic to think Tesla is the only car anyone should buy if they want an EV.

        • I think this is why people buy civic’s I think they are the ugliest car on the roads but I think some people buy them for their sporty looks.

      • +1

        Have you driven one?

        Having that extra performance makes a huge difference in overtaking safely and generally when merging.

        • +1

          Yep exactly, especially merging into traffic, onramps or taking off at round abouts. Plenty of fools think better to go slow and steady 60-80 into 100-110km. Had a good fang of a model 3 performance, mostly under the speed limit through afternoon traffic. The instant power, control and confidence that you can get point the car and place it anywhere you need to in traffic is so good. Can't wait till EV become more affordable

    • You're comparing nedc with wltp range. Yeh Sr+ has about 350-400km real world range, LR has about 500, ioniq 5 is about 450.

      I'd say use trslabjorn's range and efficiecy spreadsheet if you want a fair comparison.

      Ioniq5 is 72k for rwd, 78k for awd.

      Performance wise, they're app perfectly adequate for normal driving.

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