Which Soundbar for My New Samsung TV? - Budget $1000

Hi guys,

Recently purchased a new TV (Samsung QN85A). The tv will replace my 75 inch Hisense which I will move into the living room along with the soundbar (Samsung HW-K550). So that means I will need a new soundbar! Ideally I’d like to spend <$1000.

So OzBarginers, what’s a good value for money option?

Thanks in advance.


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    For $1000 get a budget surround sound setup, will do a better job then a sound bar.

  • I would suggest the Samsung Q900A. You can have it for $865 from The Good Guys by asking to price match AppliancesCentral

    • Thanks for the suggestion.
      I had been looking at the Q870A. How would these compare? They are roughly the same price.

      • If you have the room to have rear speakers then probably the Q870A would have a better surround effect. Otherwise the Q900A seems to have better reviews as a stand-alone unit. I just bought a week ago using the deal mentioned above and I love it. So much better than my old YAS107 or Sony X900H speakers.

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    Just my opinion, but when it comes to soundbars there is Sonos and then there is everything else.

    If I wasn't buying a Sonos soundbar I'd invest in an actual proper 5.1 system (Like a Denon/Yamaha etc).

    Benefit with Sonos is it's so unbelievably easy (Though expensive) to turn into a wireless or wired 5.1 system at anytime and they receive frequent bug fixes and updates for years.

    • I sold out of Sonos due to ongoing Spotify / assistant issues that seems to plague a lot of global users.

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        Sonos is very popular so I'd imagine there'd comparatively be lots of users online having any particular problem at one time.

        I have about 20 Sonos speakers scattered throughout my house and it's very rare I have issues.

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    I bought the 75inch version of this Samsung tv last month.

    I'm gonna get the Sonos Arc.

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      I paired the Sonos Arc with my 77" Sony A80J I bought earlier this year.

      Fantastic combination for a TV of that size and looks great. Main problem with Sonos is you'll soon want to spring for a sub and then rear speakers. It is very easy to get hooked into it.

      • That’s the main reason I’m hesitant on the Sonos. Gets expensive when you add in the sub and ones.

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    Sonos Arc my mate….super good atmos effect. You don't need a sub. You can add it in later when you have cash to spare

    • I was lucky enough to win a Sonos Arc soundbar as a door prize a couple of weeks ago. On its own is pretty impressive.

      If you want to save some $$ you can buy the Ikea Symfonisk bookshelf speakers to use as surrounds, they work well and talk to the Sonos Arc.

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    I recommend that you subscribe to Choice and read last year's comprehensive test of soundbars.
    A real surprise with the $400 Polk unit rating highest and the $1,500 Sonos Arc not recommended 🤔

  • Been there done that. I also second a budget home theatre with a decent receiver. You can achieve it in $1000. Can try to get cooler stuff if you buy used. I'd go Soundbar only if you have constraints in adding a HT.

  • Any budget 5.1 theatre set up with reputable brand names (even with smaller satellite speakers) or a stereo setup with $1k worth of amp and speaker combo will sound a lot better than sound bars..

    I however have heard a Sonos playbar (the previous equivalent of Arc??) at a house inspection and it sounded pretty good.

  • Piggybacking on this thread, tossing up between Sonos Arc no sub for $1k approx (with 30% trade up discount) or Q900A (maybe Q950A for $980 to get the surrounds)?

    Rtings says the Samsung (both) are slightly better, but I like the AIO of the Sonos. Thoughts?

    • Where have you seen the Q950A for $980? I’m leaning towards the Q870A to get the surrounds at this stage. Don’t have the room for a 5.1 theatre set up.

      • Looks like I got that wrong, was meant put the Q870A.

        So let me update this to comparing the Sonos Arc with the Q870A, any thoughts here?

  • Get a Yamaha. Those Bluetooth units are quite cheap and have a decent output.

  • Bought a Yamaha YSP-2700 soundbar for $849 at JB's boxing day sale, brilliant! and its 7.1 channel with a sub.

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      Recommended by Choice 👍

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    Picked up the JBL Bar 9.1 from HN for $1000 today, very good.

    • Went to JB today and they recommended the JBL. Ticket price was $1500. Was the $1000 a price match or ticket price?

      • I got one today's, $1035 wss the best over the phone they'd do, so far very happy with it.

  • Requested the best price from HN and they gave it to me at $1000 (ticket price was $1195 reduced from $1499)

  • I recently got a Samsung tv qn800a and the q950a. While music isn’t as base heavy as a sonos system, I’m also not a teenager anymore and it’s plenty of subwoofer for me. The q sympathy thing (tv pairs with surround speakers) Samsung markets is worth.

  • Depends on what you want out of a system - atmos or surround?

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